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Children of the Night By Glitterwolf.

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Printed some more stuff.


The tomb almost came loose from the build plate hence a little warp but it can be fixed with a good base.

Vampire came out great.

Dana came out great.


Her hand and dog and another version of Dana didn't print though.

They got ripped from the plate.

So changed settings again and now trying the presupported ones from those.

Let's see what happens next.



More to come:



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Printed Dana's hand with chain, the Dog, Dana in her firing pose and Dr. Corvus the Plaguedoctor.


All presupported files from Great Grimoire, I thought to give them a shot after some failures.

Great supports!


The VampireSlayers/Witchhunters/Demonhunters will have their team together in no time this way.


20211024_193844 (2).jpg

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