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Children of the Night By Glitterwolf.

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Well now...since I printed a Vukodlak I might as well base it...

Printed at 150% it's original size ( was the size of a human now it's a proper Werewolf) from Claycyanide Miniatures.

I had this nice Resin Graveyard Base laying around I believe Microart Studios.



20220430_111807 (2).jpg

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That Evening the Order held a meeting to discuss recent events.

Things are getting worse, Dinah said, just yesterday I killed a zombie that was roaming the streets in broad daylight!

We have to be careful, Lucius said, it's a full Moon tonight.


Jeremy entered the room, the stupid villagers have done it again!

They chained a girl to the pillar at the square as a sacrifice for the Werewolves!!

We can't have that Lucius replied, Dana, Dinah! Go with Jeremy, make sure that werewolf  is dealt with before he can get to the girl.

Free her and bring her here, We'll protect her!


A loud scream was heard from the Town's Square.

HURRY! Lucius said, before it's too late!






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A little Blue Liner for starters.






It's going to be a small backdrop for taking pics of Gothic Undead, Dungeon Dwellers, Demons and adventurers who just happen to walk into the wrong room.

I have other stuff that won't be glued on, keeping things modular for setting scenes.





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Valdr Hrafna


Awoken from his tomb the Draugr Lord Valdr Hrafna now overlooked the frozen wasteland from one of his castle's towers, the Wereraven Sorcerer at his side.

Where are my servants? Valdr asked, I see no peasants working the lands, all is frozen, were are my guards, my armies?

Over the centuries these lands are frozen my Lord, the human raven said, but further to the South the land is fertile, it is there were your enemies live.

It is there where you should go to claim those lands!


Valdr Hrafna who's name in the modern tongue means Ruler of Raven, shook his head.

Again! He said, where are my armies? My people? How am I supposed to conquer those lands without them?

Your daughter is resurrecting them as we speak my lord, the Sorcerer replied, soon your army will be ready.


Valdr looked up at the sky, first it was just one black dot, then a dozen, then hundreds and then the sky almost went black.

They have come My Lord! The Sorcerer said.

As it was in the past, so will it be in the present and in the future, the corvids are at your command.

A large raven landed at the battlements and looked at Valdr, looking into it's eyes Valdr felt the bond between him and the bird.

He remembered, even when he was a mortal man his tribe had a bond with these birds, the tribe's Shamans build their magic around them and where  other Norse tribes had beserkers and shapeshifters that would transform into bears or wolves, his tribe had the crowfolk as they called them.

And when the rituals were performed right, they could even call upon the Raven Gods to sent giant raven to carry his men into battle.


Father! There you are!

Valdr turned around to look at his daughter, Muninn! I'm happy to see you, he said.

While Valdr couldn't hide his undead appearance with his skeletal features, Muninn looked almost human, her skin still intact, only the colour of her skin would reveal her true condition. Clad in crow feathers adorned with corvid skulls it was clear that she was no mere girl, having studied the dark arts of necromancy it was her task to resurrect Valdr's Army.

And? Valdr asked, when will they be ready?


Patience Father, Muninn said, the spells are cast, the rituals performed, the magic is spreading they will arrive soon.

Look down, the first ones are coming already!

Valdr looked down from the tower, there he saw them, Undead warriors clad in ancient armor equipped with rusted weapons, skeletal horses carrying decayed riders, some ghostly apparitions floating over their heads.

And what was that? in the distance some large figure, did you...Yes Father, Muninn interrupted him, I resurrected the Jotun as well.

Nothing will stand in your way!

Good Girl! Valdr laughed.


VVVAAALLDDRRR!!! A shrieking voice sounded, sending a chill through Valdr's spine.

Ah, that would be Mother, Muninn said, I wonder if she's still angry.







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Printed From Great Grimoire:


Kochei - Will become Valdr Hrafna ( Edit: maybe...I have other candidates as well, this could also become '"Just a Jarl")

Blood Moon Shaman - Will become the Crowfolk Sorcerer/Shaman.




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Printed the Great Grimoire Crow Whisperer, she's going to become Muninn.

Had some trouble with her, first print her right arm was flat, second print I managed to break parts.

So after cutting and glueing and putty I now have a Muninn...


And I printed the Draugr Hero from Artisan Guild's set from this month.

He's going to be a Champion, look at that guy, he means business.




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