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Children of the Night By Glitterwolf.

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Working on these bases, the Forest Witches Army will be based like this.

And the Witch herself, more Witches and Hags will follow later.

Their army will be the wild corrupted forest stuff like Red Caps, Wendigoo, Wolves and Werewolves Corrupted Treemen and the resurrected warriors and adventurers that found their demise in the woods.

20220517_153605 (2).jpg

20220517_153757 (2).jpg

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Valdr Hrafna's Army ( The North) is in my imagination build heavily around a Draugr/Undead Vikings with a Crow/Raven Theme.


I already chose some female sorcerers who were wearing crow skulls/feathers etc, Valdr himself wielding crow magic and a crowfolk shaman.



Artisan Guild has this nice Giant Raven in their Thieves Guild set, it is now printed.

The rider is of course out of theme, so instead I'm now printing a guy from PrintYourMonsters who should fit on the Raven.

I love to create a bit of a narrative for my armies.


In a few hours we will see if the rider will be alright as well. ( of course it's a waste to print just one model, use the buildplate, the LCD wil have to work anyway so I'm also printing some minis for other projects..)



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Printed the Rider I intend to use for the Dire Raven.



He printed out fine but I used to many supports so I now got a model kit.

When cured I can glue it all together so no worries but next time use thinner supports for something like this you stupid Wolf!


The Scythe, Hand and Cape are supposed to be apart...the legs torso and horn should have stayed in one piece.

Oh well putty and glue, putty and glue..




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Oh how this project is getting out of hand.

I'm now building several themed Undead Factions to attack the poor Empire.

Of course the Empire needs to be defended by Witchhunters, Mercenaries and Imperial Troops so....I have a lot to do..


Working on some of the characters and troops for the Northern Faction ( Valdr Hrafna) which has a strong crow/raven theme.

Also first paint on the Wraith.











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