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Children of the Night By Glitterwolf.

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The Crow Shaman didn't make it. A small box fell on it.

I could save the little crow which will be used for a swarm one day, but for now that shaman is gone until I print a new one when I feel like it.

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I seem to need more Undead, so I bought these two 3d sets from Fleshcraft Studios with my Patreon discount.


Sindariel-Domain of Ashes

Proxies for crematorians?


Sanuinaar -Domain of Blood

Hmmm these might be Vampires.



Schermafbeelding 2023-03-21 091643.jpg

Schermafbeelding 2023-03-21 091751.jpg

Schermafbeelding 2023-03-21 091840.jpg

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Posted (edited)



Bones Zombie Ogre





Artisan Guild Draugr Champion-Baldur the Invincible










20230322_163627 (3).jpg

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Posted (edited)

Story time, I need the stories to tie the minis together and it gives me an excuse to print/paint /build more.

Hope you like it.




City of the Dead.


Breakfast at the Order's Keep:


Have you seen them? Dana asked, the riders, the carriages?

I did, Jeremy replied, they all went to the Baron's Castle, dark carriages, riders in black, I don't trust this, they all travelled after dark!

Lucius nodded, this is the second night in a row this happened, our Baron and Baroness are receiving many visitors from strange lands, has anyone noticed the banners?


I saw some, Dinah said. A white field with a purple wolf's head on it, a black field with a red dragon on it and one dark blue banner with a crow's skull with batwings on it.

No heradlry know to me, I don't think any noble in the Empire or the Kingdom of Mercia carries these banners.

I wonder what they're up to.


It's happening again! A voice from the corner said.


Lucius turned his head, Gunther!

What do you mean?


Gunther was a retired Witchhunter, if you lived long enough you could spend the last years of your life at the Order's Keep.

He passed on his knowledge to new recruits.

In his younger days he had been a great warrior who slew many witches and vampires.

 It was said that he even killed a succubus once, but that could be just a tale.


I said, it's happening again! Gunther said.

Decades ago when I was a young recruit I saw it happen in a village in the Kingdom of Estalia.

The Mayor got turned by a vampire and he corrupted his staff, then the guards and finally the strangers came.

Just like they do now.

These Undead Lords worked together with the Mayor and within two nights the whole population was either slaughtered or turned by an Undead Army.

It became an Undead village, we were only with two hunters, so we had to flee.

We warned the Estalian King and it took a whole batallion of soldiers and a few battle priests to defeat the Undead, the whole village was burned after that.


So you think that's what's going to happen in this city? Jakob asked.

Gunther nodded, yes I believe so,


Alright, Lucius said.

I want everybody out there NOW!

Seek out the villagers and peasants, tell them to come to the Keep if they want to stay alive.

Let them bring supplies, livestock, weapons, anything useful!

We can hold out for months here if necessary, in the meanwhile I want you, Ernst to take the Dampfhammer and drive to the Capital.

The Emperor must hear of this!

Let's pray we're not too late, we will have to find as many supplies as we can right now and try to save as many people as possible.


It's day, I want everyone here before Sunset!

Tomorrow we will see how things are, every day we will try to round the people up.


And what will we tell the people? Jeremy asked, many no longer believe in undead thanks to the Baron!

You're right Lucius said, let's just tell them we're going to be under attack and that the Keep is the safest place for them.

As soon as we can we will try to capture some Undead so we can show them the face of the true enemy!


Let's hope the peasants won't flee to the Castle instead! Ernst said.

Oh Lord that might be just what some will try if they think we're under attack, Dana said.


We can't rescue everybody I'm afraid, Lucius said.

Now! Ernst you must go rightaway, the Emperor needs to be warned!


I'll go with him, Jakob said, if the Dampfhammer won't make it, my horse might!

Alright! Lucius said, and maybe one of the other Hunters can ride to the Kingdom of Mercia, it's best that their King also learns of this!

I'll do it, Gunther said, it has been way to long since I could make myself useful!

Thank you old friend, Lucius said.


Now to work Slayers! We will have guests tonight!




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@Corsair I used to have a little coin from that and it was just the right size to use as a shield for my Undead at the time.

Sadly no pics..


By now I have acquired more minis and files than I can ever paint let alone store.

So I will have to paint and then sell some to be able to store the rest.


Oh well, the Undead will spread all over the World then, the plan is working.

MWWWUUHHAAAAAHHHHHAARRROOOOO!!!!!!!! ***cough*** Roooo!!!!

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