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Children of the Night By Glitterwolf.

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9 hours ago, malefactus said:
10 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:


I was looking for an excuse to paint all of my Non-Egyptian Undead ( those are in my Lost World already) and Chaos things.

When I'm done it will be like several smaller armies tied together to form a huge coalition of evil.

Maybe I should have named this thread The Dark Alliance instead of Children of the Grave..but it stuck..it is a song from Black Sabbath and I found it suitable,..


If you include enough things that really don't go together you will blow the theme of your Lost World.

Egyptians, Africans, Japanese, Pirates...they could all be lead by an undead Napoleon & defending

the Eiffel Tower. Start a separate project  or projects. You don't have to lump everything together. You

are young enough to see a few different major projects to completion. 


Addendum: I thought I was posting to your Lost World Thread...Oops, but it still hold true. A collection of

all sorts of Undead would be interesting, but not if you try to tie them all together. Having a Van Helsing

style Vampire Slayer travelling the World hunting down all the various types of Deadites might work.

I agree with what Malefactus said, very good advice there!


Very cool project, too!

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How about an ancient evil leading them.....is there such a thing as a lichified dragon?


11 hours ago, Gargs said:


With that said, an excellent entry to all of this might be Vordakai the cyclopean lich. Granted, not as subtle as perhaps a vampire or other necromancer/lich might be but hey, if yer a lich ye can probably change shape too!  :)

I haet you Garg! Lol :lol: Now I need to order another mini......

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Thx people.


Here we are in the Children of the Night thread.


Here are the Egyptians



And here is the Lost World



Asian Undead have a thread of their own as well





Thank you all for commenting and giving advice.



You mean something like this?



Edited by Glitterwolf
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4 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

We'll see who will lead the Undead Legion.

Currently making a shopping list for future references, wow, the Reaperstore has many awesome Undead.

Many many...



Well naturally there will be a number of candidates for the throne, all with what he, she, or it believes to be the most legitimate claim. So really, the only way to decide is to PAINT ALL THE THINGS and throw them into a battle royale where the last undead standing/slithering/flying gets to rule the roost. I mean, how cool would that be? Especially for those of us that just have to look at all the wonderfully painted undeads! :B):

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