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Geoff Davis

02682: Selmarina, Witch OSL project

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My OSL project -- 02682: Selmarina, Witch by Bob Ridolfi.  My intention is to make the orb look like a flaming orange gem.


Comments and criticism are welcome.







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"By this mark I know you," replied Mckie.   - The Dosadi Experiment  


sorry for the chatter, making it easier for me to follow your thread.

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Made some progress on her today.  I'm unsure how to proceed with the highlighting on the blue, as I can't remember exactly what colour I originally painted her.  I think it was breonne blue mixed with black and oxford blue, but I'm not sure.  I've been working on bringing up the highlights on the base to prepare for the eventual addition of the colours of the light from the orb.  My overall plan is to have everything highlighted up to just below white or right up to white before adding the light colours.  The orb will be red/orange/yellow flame coloured. 


This is just the base highlighting.




This picture is the first layer of blue with a touch of white and blue-green added.  It feels like the wrong colours to add, but I'm going to trust the colour wheel that it will work.  I'm going to keep adding brighter and brighter layers of highlight to the blue right up to very narrow highlights of moth green, which should make the additive effect of the yellow and orange from the orb more pronounced on the highest highlights on the blue.  That's my theory anyway and its all an experiment anyway so I'm going to roll with it. 








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I forget which dvd I saw this in, marike reamer or the jessica rich one or maybe both, but they start to add a mix of thier osl color in with the cloth color adding more and more into it as they hightlight the cloth and use the procedure above in the area where the osl will occur. just a suggestion hope this helps, maybe can give it a try.


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16 minutes ago, kazmania7 said:

I forget which dvd I saw this in, marike reamer or the jessica rich one or maybe both, but they start to add a mix of thier osl color in with the cloth color adding more and more into it as they hightlight the cloth and use the procedure above in the area where the osl will occur. just a suggestion hope this helps, maybe can give it a try.



Thank you, that's a good thought.  I've seen this idea expressed as "mother colour" in some books on colour theory.  I will try it.  I'm thinking the mid tone of the flame colour of the orb is the one to add, but I'll have to think about it.  I'm practicing the flame colours on another mini.  I've done it without adding the OSL colour to the highlights, but I did add purple into the shadow tones.  I'm hoping that I will then be able to use purple to darken the areas where the light is not supposed to be hitting to make them darker, like on the tips of the ears where I made them too bright.





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Added the flame colours to the orb and painted one gem that faces directly reflects towards the orb.  I will try adding the orange midtone of the orb to the blue of the highlights facing the orb.



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Excellent work! Love that gem and the orb!

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I started adding the highlighting on the blue.  The mixture is Breonne Blue, Leaf Green , Fire Orange and Pure White in varying amounts.  I realized that the values on the orb were too low, so I wrecked my nice blending and added a lot more white and yellow to bring the values up.  I also used dark grey glazes to bring down the values of the base, which I had erroneously highlighted up to pure white.  Next step will be to blend and blend and blend the blues until smooth.  Then redo the blend on the orb.  Then paint the details and highlight them.  Then pour a can of orange paint on her and call it 'light'. 







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This is after the second round of blending on the blue.  I did a thin glaze of breonne blue over everything then redid all the highlights/shadows again, then another thin glaze of breonne blue.  The blends seem to be getting better, but the blue seems to be getting darker overall.  Probably because the breonne blue is too dark as a mid tone and my highest highlights aren't nearly bright enough.  Given that they will be dulled down again by the glazes of the colours from the orb, I probably need to bring everything hit by the light up to be quite a bit brighter. 





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Did more blending on blue.  Started painting in the details.  All the details have to be painted and highlighted before the light effects are added so that they are in balance with everything else.  The base, the book and her leg are probably still too bright compared to the areas closer to the orb.



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