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77380 Khanjira: World-Breaker, Dragonspawn, Mega-Deathclaw

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A friend of mine gave me #77380, "Khanjira, World-Breaker" as a gift over the holidays, and challenged me to work it into our ongoing Iron Kingdoms RPG campaign.


The thing is, I think it looks rather like an oversized deathclaw, so I might like to use it for some of my Fallout-themed convention games.  Hence, I wanted to try to make it do double-duty in both roles.


Also, I wanted it to be able to stand up, rather than falling over due to its own dynamic pose and considerable weight when someone bumped the table.




So, here's where it is right now.  Yeah, I know, I could've taken a bunch of pictures of all the steps to get this far.  That would have been the sensible thing.  But this is the first point where I really find myself wondering what to do next.  Right now, he's big and green, with horns and claws that are basically black but with some grey-blue dry-brushing (that unfortunately just makes it look as if the claws were accidentally brushed with whatever I was using to paint the base).  All in all, it's surprisingly boring.  And yet, a lot of the Khanjira paint jobs I've seen just look kind of garish, and that's not quite what I want to go for, either.


Getting the thing assembled was a challenge.  I boiled water, I dunked pieces, I tried to reshape them, and yet I couldn't quite get things to STAY fitting together.  I used epoxy putty for gap-filler and to anchor pieces together, but even after I've assembled it and I THOUGHT I had things nicely bonded together, it seems that some of the pieces have warped a little more while I've been painting, and some of the seams have started to show again (with some of the putty breaking away).  Argh!  I ended up having to pull some of the pieces apart so that I could re-glue them, but I still need to repair the newly-exposed gaps (and then paint over them).  I can also see from this photo that I need to shave down some of those seams, as there's a rather glaring one on top of one of the shoulder-guard shell-thingies.

(I seem to be having difficulty attaching more than one photo to this post, so I'll have to follow up with separate entries for the other images.)



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Another view, this one focusing more on the copper dish base.  I might be able to get by with free-handing the facing marks on 30mm or 40mm bases, but at this size it's just ugly.  I'll need to go back and clean up those lines somehow.  Also, you can see the profile for the broken wall.  Originally, it was just sort of a curvy shape that had a few lines scribed into it to suggest the boundaries of flagstones, but that didn't make it look so much like a BROKEN or COLLAPSED wall, as it did just a wall that was weird and incomplete to begin with.



Therefore, I went in with some epoxy putty and extended the blocks out to make them more blocky, and hence to give the edge of the broken wall a more jagged look, as if there might be actually pieces missing.  Since the flagstone boundaries didn't quite line up front to back, I split them a bit in the middle, deliberately making one side stick out more than the other, to further the broken/jagged look.




The other problem was that now that I had a big round dish for the base, the heavily-textured incorporated base just didn't mesh well with a smooth flat surface.  Sure, sure, I could have just sprinkled some (unused!) kitty litter around, added some flocking, and so forth, but I wanted a more natural-looking transition.  I used some epoxy putty to make various shapes for "boulders," and mashed them with the edge of a blunt hobby knife and some rubbery clay-working tools to try to give them a few sharper corners and "chips," and to try to minimize the fingerprint ridges from molding the putty in the first place.  (As can be seen from the photo, I wasn't entirely successful at that latter bit.  Oops!)  I'll probably go back later and add in some (unused!) kitty litter and bits of flock to fill in some of the gaps.




Another problem was with Khanjira's left foot.  As presented, it looks as if Khanjira has some "webbing" on the left foot, running between the toes.  Since that's not present on the right side, I imagine it's not really meant to be webbing at all, but just a bit more rubble that happens to be between the toes, and is meant to mesh up with the base when assembled.  The trouble is that it DOESN'T mesh up well at all.  In an attempt to camouflage that (rather than taking a knife to it all and clearing out the area between the toes), I used some epoxy putty to try to fashion a few new broken flagstones stuck between the toes.  There's still a bit of an overhang where the edge of the original base was (I tilted it up when basing to try to counteract a bit of "leaning" Khanjira was doing too much to one side) that I'll need to fix up later -- perhaps with some overhanging tangled roots, a bit of flocking, etc.




RAWR!  A side-view of Khanjira's head.  Right now, there's nothing done to the eyes, because in Iron Kingdoms, dragonspawn don't HAVE eyes.  Once he's had his big scene in the Iron Kingdoms campaign, I plan to go in and paint those eyes properly.  (but what color?  Should they glow?  Be golden yellow?  Be blood red?  Something else?)  I MIGHT also go in and add a few more modern-ish ruined bits on the base (some toxic waste barrels, twisted I-beams, etc.) but there's a certain appeal to leaving it as "setting-vague" and even "scale-vague" as possible (just in case, I dunno, for some reason I need a kaiju up against some Micro Machines vehicles, or something).

I think I may go back and make the claws look more bone/ivory rather than black with dry-brushed highlights.  As-is, it looks like I painted them black and then just accidentally brushed over them a bit when painting the flagstones on the base, so that doesn't quite work.


I'm also uncertain what to do with the various shell-like, spiky, bony bits.  Some parts look like they're protruding through the hide of the beast.  Some look as if they're just extensions of the creature's own hide that happen to go out and form spike-like extensions.  What is skin, and what is shell or bone or scale?  I can't quite tell for sure in some places.


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