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Buglips and Guindyloo paint DHL 02017: Scorpius Rex Dracus

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6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Thx for putting another WIP up, I love your joint WIPS/Tutorials.


They are very helpful!

Thanks for following along with us!

We really enjoy doing them, so it’s always good to hear that people like them and find them helpful!

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Excellent stuff! This thread may just be the inspiration I need to finally start digging into my dragon and dragon-like minis!

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Guindy, I have a question about how you handled the mold slippage. The pic looks to me like it wasn't too bad. My question is if you considered using green stuff to fill the ridge from the high side to the low side. I do this sometimes with slippage because for me it can be easier or less time intensive to copy the texture with green stuff than filing down the high side of the slippage. It's sort of like gap filling. The slippage on this mini may not have been extensive enough for that approach to be practical though. Just curious about your approach.

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Doing these joint WIP threads is a genius idea; congrats and thanks to both of you for doing this!


@Guindyloo--special thanks for going into detail with the assembly of this particular model. You didn't cover anything I didn't know, but a lot of it I had to learn the hard way. If you doing this saves even one person from those painful lessons, then you have accomplished an awesome thing.  :winkthumbs:

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Are you going to do this only for Reaper minis?

I mean, there are some great Ral Parthas out there too, and I have found a lot of them needing extensive gapfilling if not resculpting parts.


With my Chess Playing Dragon I had to sculpt a reasonable chunk of the midtail..

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17 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Are you going to do this only for Reaper minis?


Yes, only Reaper miniatures.  This is for a couple of reasons.


First, expanding beyond Reaper creates logistical issues because Reaper is one of the few companies we have in common.  I collect RAFM and Partha (with a smattering of Darksword), Guindy likes Kingdom Death and others, and while there are lots of good figures out there from other companies not all of them are easily gotten if one of us has it and the other doesn't.  We tend to buy Reaper regularly, so any figure we don't already have is simple to add to the cart.


Second, if we were going to do this as a regular thing we thought we should use the opportunity to promote some Reaper stuff, especially interesting stuff that might get lost in the vastness of the back catalog.  It's Reaper's site, after all, and if we find something cool that people want then why not send the business to our hosts?  Reaper is good about people posting figures from other companies, so by way of thanks we're going to make these exclusively Reaper products.


With few exceptions, we try to keep it mostly to figures that are still in production.  This is so people can get them if they like 'em.  Con Crud was an exception because he was too much fun to pass up, and when we switch roles and I have to paint fancy then we'll be using 25th Anniversary figures.  This will be maybe 10% of what we do.


The only other rule is no nudity, mostly because third-party linking is a pain in the butt. 



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2 hours ago, Flit said:

Guindy, I have a question about how you handled the mold slippage. The pic looks to me like it wasn't too bad. My question is if you considered using green stuff to fill the ridge from the high side to the low side. I do this sometimes with slippage because for me it can be easier or less time intensive to copy the texture with green stuff than filing down the high side of the slippage. It's sort of like gap filling. The slippage on this mini may not have been extensive enough for that approach to be practical though. Just curious about your approach.

So, unfortunately I didn't properly document the issue. In the picture where I start talking about the mold slippage, I had already been carving away at the ridge for some time when I thought "ah, crap, I should've taken more pictures of this." So it was worse than it looked there and to answer your question, yes, I did consider using greenstuff for it once I realized how extensive the issue was. The reason I didn't go that direction is because, honestly, I'm not terribly comfortable with using greenstuff. I'm trying to get myself more familiar with it, but right now my skill level with it is only at a level for adequate-ish gap filling. To use it on the entire length of the figure in a way that would actually look good would take some minor and pretty rudimentary sculpting skill, but minor as it may be, it wasn't something that I felt comfortable doing. I felt far more comfortable with carving it down even though it was quite a bit more time consuming and perhaps more risky in a physical sense, but I felt that aesthetically speaking, I would have a better result with treating it like a particularly gnarly mold line.


Thank you for bringing that up, as certainly greenstuff would be a very good solution to the issue for people who are more comfortable or at least more adventurous with their greenstuffing.

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I am pretty sure have an older painted figure with some mold slippage that I failed to remove, if you want me to get a photo to demonstrate that issue. I think it happened a lot more on older models than new ones. 

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    • By Kangaroorex
      Another of the older dragons completed.  This has to have been my favorite miniature series.  Over the course of a few years Grenadier brought out 37 new dragons, all of them unique and yet obviously part of the same world.  
      This is from the third series and the sculptor is William Watt.  I love the level of detail and, in general how well these have held up over the decades.  These are always a joy to paint.
      I based him on a 3 inch base and tried to give it a blasted heath effect which makes him stand out pretty well.  I'm still trying to complete 12 dragons this year and I am nearly there!  Hope you enjoy him!

    • By Maledrakh
      One of the three minis in the "44036 Dreadmere Females" pack
      aka "Serena, Dreadmere Rogue" as she is known in the metal version.
      More like, "Serena, Dark Brotherhood Assassin" if you ask me. Nothing screams secret stealth assassin on a mission to do bloody murder as having members-only assassin guild special shrouded armour that is distinct and different from all other armour types and uniforms...


      Hm. I thought I heard something...
      44036 "Women of Dreadmere" #1 of 3
      Dreadmere Expansion, Bones 4 kickstarter 2019
      Reaper Miniatures
      Bones Black PVC
      Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi
      30mm base.
      Available from reapermini.com
    • By odinsgrandson
      Ok, this is a mini that I made as a joke for a friend of mine. He GMs a lot of games, and has always been a bit fascinated by the fact that the Half Dragon template can be added to almost any kind of creature. Including ones that reproduce by dividing.
      Truly, the biology of dragons is a wonder.
      Anyway, he got to completely wreck the party with this Half Black Dragon Gelatinous Cube.
      I made it by combining some parts from an invisible dragon and gelatinous cube minis (both from Reaper’s Bones line). I used water effect for gap filling and a bit of sculpting, and added a little color with some thinned down paints. I wanted to give the impression that it picks up debris from the floor as it moves along.
      Except for the eyes, which are totally opaque so that they can show up. Seriously, I think they’re the only part that really shows up at all in the pictures, but you get the idea.

      In an unrelated project for the same friend, I found a really strange bit that I think is supposed to be the head of a dragon, but seriously looks like a half dragon spider. So that got painted too.
      Man, dragons really make some poor choices.

    • By Rahz
      Another 3D print that I’m working on, this time a big one.  I’ve shied away from buying/printing dragons for the most part as I have a ton of amazing Reaper ones still to paint (or finish... ) but this one was a freebie of sorts from one of the creators I follow on Patreon.  
      In keeping with my clear resin tricks, I whipped up the base really quickly and then stalled on how I was going to paint the actual dragon...  oops!  

      I masked off the crystals and plugged the holes for the feet and primed it with a mix of brown and grey Vallejo primers, drybrushed it with a tan followed by a tan mixed with white and then it got a series of Vallejo model washes (green, grey and dark brown).  I then peeled off the mask and gave the crystals a quick coat with Tamiya Clear Green.  
      For the actual dragon, the plan now is to paint the heavier scales like the base with the softer belly and flesh being brown.  




      Like my recent plague doctor bust, I masked his eyes so they will be the same green as the crystals on his base.  I toyed with putting a light in his head as well, but seems to be doing that to everything all of a sudden, and skipped it.  
      in case you’re wondering about the pink, that’s what mixing the Vallejo red and grey primers did. The base was that colour before the drybrush and washes. 
      Hoping to get some more work on the brown and get the drybrush done on his scales this weekend.  That’s going to be a lot of drybrushing!! 
      Thanks for looking.  
    • By AussieAusborn
      Greetings y'all!
      I'm starting this thread to use as a painting blog, to help catalog my journey, and to use as a source of ongoing motivation. I have a LOT of stuff I've been putting off, that I want to get through for a homebrew campaign I'm working on, and some warbands for Frostgrave, as well. So, I'll take any extra motivation I can get Once I actually finish pieces, I'll make sure to post them in that part of the forum.
      To start things off, I have a dragon I've been working on for a couple of weeks, and just got to the point where it's "good enough for now," although definitely not finished. It's easily my favorite piece I've ever owned, so I put off doing any work on it until I was "good enough" to do the piece justice. That is, until I realized that would never happen , so I decided to:
      1) Do the darned thing
      2) Do some work on it every day
      3) Push myself outside my comfort zone to try new things
      4) Be patient and forgiving with myself
      5) To not freak out when I try something that I don't like, and just go ahead and fix it
      There's still a good amount to do to it (I have a list with 15 bullet points on it, and growing!), but I'm happy enough looking at it, and want to take a break to focus on some other pieces.
      I took some progress shots (though perhaps not as many as I'd have liked). So please, join me as we journey through my learning experience:

      I fully assembled the mini before putting down any paint. Here's where the mini was after a couple days work, about 4-5 hrs. I used an airbrush to give it a zenithal undercoat with black and white, and then to lay in the base coats of the red and blue. I then painted the underbelly and the wing-fingers with a brush.

      Here, I'm trying to show the work I've done (still fairly subtle, at this point) on building up the vibrancy/transitions on the red skin/scales. I was fairly happy at this point, as I could start to see that I might actually be able to paint this to the standard I want.

      The next day, I did some work on the face, horns, and blocked in the body spikes. I generally liked the mouth and tongue, but felt it was a bit vibrant. I thought the blue on the horns was alright, but also wasn't completely sold on it.

      Here's where it was after another `30min of work. Since I felt the tongue was too much, I did something about it! I did a very light glaze with a grey, just to knock down the saturation a bit. Looks better. I added some more blue to the horns, and still wasn't quite happy with it. Picked out the teeth, which is nice, easy bit of definition. And that eye!!! It looked much better than I expected, although that's the last time it would be that well defined...

      Here it is after another couple days of progress, building up that red (it takes soooooo long on something this big!!!!), as well as more work on the mouth/face. I'd accidentally painted over the eye (which becomes a recurring theme in this tale ), so I blocked in some color, just to separate it from the face. I added a glaze of 'RMP's fair skin' to the tongue, and now I'm lovin' it. Also added some fleshy-ness to the gums on the upper jaw (though it's a little hard to tell), and that was definitely another good decision.

      Here I continued to build up the red, progress is slow but steady. Not pictured (which is unfortunate, because it was a good learning experience) is my attempt to redo the horn entirely, to a scheme that was a transition of bone to brown to black at the tip...I was really unhappy with it. I had the bone starting around the eye ridges in at attempt to add more contrast and draw the viewer's eye towards the face, but it just looked awful. So I spent a good while redoing the horn and fixing the whole face. I'm glad I made that mistake, as I think the face looks much better than it did before I started on the horn. Part of that was adding in a new level of bright highlights.

      Here's the mini in some soft lighting, and although the picture is kinda blurry, it better shows the transitions throughout the red. I think this was also the point where I started working on shading the red, by applying a light blue-black glaze to the shaded areas, which really helped add some contrast to the piece.

      I had an accident that almost gave me a heart attack, where the figure seemingly jumped off the desk Luckily, I caught it before it hit the ground, and it sustained no major damage. It did separate where the dragon attaches on to the base, and although that was a little frustrating, it ended up being a happy little accident, as it made it MUCH MUCH easier to work on the base. I started by putting down some paints and pigments, until it was at a place I thought was ok. Also, the rock spire that it's curled around was originally about 6 inches taller, which I cut off to better see all of the dragon. So, I started work on sculpting a new top. I started by building up thin layers of cardboard with superglue, to level it off (it had quite a slant to it). Then I mixed up some greenstuff, and tried to match the overall flow and texture of of the rocks. Although not a perfect match, it's close enough to not be distracting. Mission accomplished!! The pillars were a part of the mini.

      And here's the beast in its current state. I painted the newly sculpted top to match what I'd already done, and left the pillars with a super quick drybrushing. I touched up the eye to look acceptable (it's on my 'to do' list), added some grass tufts to the base, and was happy to leave it be like this, for a time. The final pic is another attempt to 'more accurately'  show the value transitions with the red, though the colors seem a tad washed out.
      Thanks for taking a look at my work, and for reading my ramblings! C&C is welcome  As I said, I have a to do list for the dragon, but I'm not afraid to add more to it!!! I'll strive to make a post in here a few times a week, and eventually you'll get to see a completed dragon!
      EDIT: I forgot to mention that once the dragon broke away from the base (super cleanly, luckily), I took the opportunity to redo the underbelly on the whole model, darkening it up some. And along the neck, I experimented with wet blending for the first time! I've been apprehensive to try it before, but decided this was a good spot to experiment, as it's a large enough area, but felt less...consequential, I guess, if I messed it up. And I'm pretty pleased with the result!
      Next up: Frostgrave warbands for me and my brother!
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