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8 hours ago, 72moonglum said:

This is so enjoyable, I just want to comment on it twice!  Question, for his cloak, did you get the impression that it was feathers, armor, or something different?


I decided it was meant to be scales.  He is holding a sea shell in his hand and has a brooch that looked like a whale tooth.  That is why I chose the sea blue colours with the warm red-orange cloak to make the contrast in the blues feel deeper.  The orange cloak also helps the orange gems pop out more.  


Thanks for you question and positive comments!



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I need to paint a figure for someone in my game group who has CryoHydra armor (offers protection from cold) from a Cryo Hydra that we killed and dressed and then paid to have her armor custom crafted.


I am bookmarking this because it is EXACTLY what i hope my armor will end up looking like


Thanks for the inspiration!

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2 hours ago, 72moonglum said:

So how’s Your shelf of shame going? 


Pretty good.  Down to only 15 projects as of the start of June.  I'm focussed on all new projects now though.  No doubt the shelf of shame will grow to humongous size again soon.  

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