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Shifting Sands Glitterwolf paints Egyptian Undead


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2 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:



It's actually just a pic from the internet, I was browsing and searching for Nefsokar/9th Age Undead/Tomb King pics and this showed up when I typed in Egyptian Fantasy Artwork.

I printed it and that's it, just a A4 sized print out.



It looks much larger than that due to the camera angle, but it makes sense given the size of the models.

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4 minutes ago, vegascat said:


It looks much larger than that due to the camera angle, but it makes sense given the size of the models.


I fold it so it looks as if they stand on the floor. And then the camera angle helps giving this illusion.

Every time I see a cool picture I wonder if it could be used like this, I printed out several already for different projects.

Cheap and it works.

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I discovered the wonderful world of 3d printing.




The Desert holds many secrets, every now and then a bold adventurer or merchant might find evidence of lost civilizations, and sometimes, sometimes a civilization isn't that lost after all.

There are rumours of a place deep in the Desert where people still live the way they used to thousands of years ago, other stories tell of countless undead beings who wage war against each other and prevent anyone to venture further into the Desert.

These are all rumours of course, made up by lonely adventurers, maybe a Bedouin who wanted to joke around was taken a bit too seriously when he told such tales.

We know such things can't be, but sometimes it's nice to wonder, right?


And yet....


Sultan Ibn Salman Al Fahrk didn't know what to do.

Should he believe this upstart young fellow?

He looked down at the figure kneeling before him, a young man who claimed to have been part of an archeological expedition which had ventured deep into the Desert.


So! The Sultan spoke, you say you're the only survivor of this expedition? 

Yes Your excellence! Ahmed Al Tijani said, making sure to avoid eye contact.

I have been blessed by The Almighty! He alone must have protected me so I could find my way home again.

The Sultan nodded, and you claim to have found evidence of a lost civilization?

Do you have any proof of this, and what happened to the rest of the expedition?


Ahmed dared to look up to the Sultan, forgive me my Lord, I cannot speak of the horrors that transpired, I haven't slept since I escaped, the images from what I've seen still haunt me.

Yes, we found a civilization, after travelling through the endless Desert we found the Undead of which the legends speak.

UNDEAD? The Sultan exclaimed, Am I to believe Undead killed the expedition members?

No, Ahmed, answered, we managed to avoid them, we saw them in the distance, we made our way through without upsetting them, then we found the Ancients, people living like our ancestors.

Their King named himself Pharaoh!

They live in a beautiful city adorned with gold and marble, somehow the Undead leave them be in return they sometimes trade with them or provide them with labour, so I've been told.


Ah! So they killed your fellows?

No Your Excellence! 

After we had visited them and loaded our carts with artifacts and gifts from the Pharaoh we moved on, even deeper into the Desert we went.

Oh, what fools we were! He had warned us not to do so.


Warned you? Why? You had avoided the Undead before?

Indeed we had my Liege, but ... there were others.


Others? The Sultan asked now intrigued by Ahmed's tales, still wondering if it was all true.

Ahmed started crying, sobbing he looked down, they all died!

They all died! We didn't know this could be!

He got a hold on himself and looked upon the Sultan again.

My Lord, I swear upon all that's sacred and holy that I'm telling the truth!


Proceed, the Sultan said.


We travelled further and further into the Desert, we did have a run in with a small undead warband but these were mere skeleton warriors, we were able to fend them off.

At a certain point they stopped pursuing us, we thought we where lucky!

Oh how wrong we were!

They stopped because even the Undead didn't want to enter their land!


Who's land? The Sultan asked, he had leaned forward to hear Ahmed better, fully captivated by the man's story.


Things that should not be! Ahmed answered.

We thought them to be a legend, fairytales, nothing but a myth, but they exist and they're alive!

A whole hidden Kingdom deep in the Desert, even the Undead stay wary of them, the Ancients dare not enter those lands.

Some have formed a cult to worship them, hoping they will be spared when the unevitable war comes.


What Kingdom? The Sultan asked.



Ahmed answered.

Snakemen, Cultists and Horrors!

Please! Forbid anyone to enter the Desert again!

If they learn of our existence they will come!


The Sultan leaned back in his chair, fairytales, he muttered.

What proof do you have?


I saw my brothers die, some were taken prisoner, I dare not think of what happened to them.

Here my Liege, this is all I could take when I escaped, Ahmed handed a book to the Sultan.

The Sultan accepted it, when he touched the book he felt a cold chill running through his body, what kind of leather is this? He asked.

Ahmed sighed, the book is bound in leather made from human flesh My Liege.


Ibn Al Fahrk almost dropped the book, quickly he handed it to his Counselor who inspected it closer.

This is written in an unknown language he said, looking at the title.

Look the book is bound in human leather and there's a small golden lock in the shape of a serpent eating it's own tail!

The Counselor fiddled with the lock to open it.


NO! Ahmed yelled, but it was too late, the Counselor opened the lock and with a hissing sound the book opened.

As if it was alive the pages turned by themselves, glowing scripture on each page, suddenly a cloud formed around the Counselor, it got thicker and thicker obstructing him from view.

The Sultan had jumped out of his chair and was now behind Ahmed, what is this Sorcery?

Ahmed was shocked, he shouldn't have opened it, he shouldn't!!!


The mist cleared and both the Counselor and the book had vanished.

Ibn Al Fahrk Screamed, where did he go? What happened to him?

Ahmed started crying, he pointed at the spot where the Counselor had been, a small snake slithered away.

The book was called home and took him with him!!!!


A few days later there was a public execution.

Ahmed Al Tijani, accused of murdering his fellow expedition members and practising black magic to murder the Counselor, was beheaded at the town's square.

His tongue had been cut off so he couldn't utter any incantations.

Satisfied the Sultan returned to his palace, he would have no more of it!

This Ahmed was clearly a charlatan, an evil wizard who had killed his Counselor, no doubt to take his place, maybe he even had wanted to murder himself the Sultan thought.



Fairytales! a Myth!













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