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Shifting Sands Glitterwolf paints Egyptian Undead

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Anubi is drying/curing.


Sphinx got a base of Brown Liner.

A little Vallejo Terracotta for her lips.





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13 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

OOoooh, even better, he's howling out, barking out, etc!


Battle Cry!

Or he calls the rest of the pack!


Awesome sculpt, a bit fiddly to assemble, hence the putty, when painted you won't see it anymore.

But he looks soooo cool!

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Reaper Brown Liner

Scale 75 Thar Brow

Vallejo Earth.

Reaper Olive Shadow for the Sphinx.

Based the Stygian Priest his book will be on that base as well( not glued yet because of painting)










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The Stygian Priest had a few marks on his arm from supports ( was one of my first minis) so I used some procreate to remedy that.


Basic colour Reaper Olive Skin Shadow.






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Well as most of you know I like to make up stories and background.

Hope you don't mind..since I'm at work I can't paint, but in between I can write a little.



Tomb Raider


Zafira's heart was pounding in her chest, she was almost out of breath and couldn't keep running, soon she would need to take a rest, but where?

Where was it safe?

If they caught her she would be dead.

Running through the halls of the pyramid she took a turn, to her relief she saw some large vases, without hesitation she climbed into one and put the lid over her head.

Not a moment too soon, she thought when she heard the muffled footsteps getting nearer.

She held her breath when she heard them walking past the vase, the sound of footsteps fading away.

For a moment that seemed like an eternity Zafira waited to make sure the coast was clear.

Carefully she lifted the lid a little to take a peek, the torchlit hall was empty, as silent as possible she climbed out of the vase.

Looking at the footprints in the dust she knew which way her pursuers went, she was lucky, there was another hallway to the exit of the Pyramid.


Keeping close to the walls, a firm grip on her scimitar she made her way to the exit.

She was almost there when she heard a noise behind her, quickly she turned around her scimitar raised to strike, she let out a sigh from relief when she saw the little rat scurrying away.

Quickly she made her move towards the pyramid's entrance, it was half buried in the sand but there was enough room for her to crawl out.

Outside she was greeted by the Sun, she looked over her shoulder one more time to make sure they weren't following her anymore, satisfied that she had shook them off she dusted off her clothes.

Now where was Saeiqa? She should be around here, her loyal horse never wandered off far when her mistress was out on a mission.

She walked around the halfburied ruins and there she was.

Saeiqa greeted her mistress and Zafira quickly mounted her horse.


She looked at the Pyramid, from the outside it was just a little ruin buried in the sand, the entrance almost buried in the Desert, but she knew.

The pyramid was buried alright, but it was still in good shape and it was full of treasures, this had been her third visit, everytime she had gotten away with a priceless artifact.

She had kept the location of the Pyramid a secret, if she would confide in others she might be able to get a caravan or cart there and load everything in one go, but then again, who could she trust?

No, it was better to keep the location to herself, she could retrieve artifacts and treasure piece by piece.

That way she didn't have to share.


This time had been different, her first two visits were easy, she had found the ruin, entered and pretty soon she had found some valuable pieces scattered through the halls.

But this time she had ventured deeper into the building, at first she was excited to find the main treasure chamber, gold and jewels as far as she could see, already she had visions of herself living in a palace with servants to obey her every whim, when she noticed something moving.The treasure was guarded!

She had only seen the guards in the shadows, but noticing the stench of death and seeing a glistening of their weapons she had quickly grabbed the items closest to her and made a run for it.


She looked at the artifacts she had stolen, a mummified cat, a small golden ankh and a strange golden oil lamp, she wondered how much Suleiman would pay for it.

He was one of the Sultan's sorcerers and had bought the pieces she had acquired before.

A little statue of a bull made of gold and jewels and a scroll of some sorts, she hadn't been able to read it but Suleiman had been excited over it.

He had paid her well and made clear that he would pay more if she could bring him other artifacts like that.

Zafira didn't trust Suleiman, she knew he might try to found out where she had gotten it all, but he paid well.


Saeiqa ran like the wind, Zafira had to protect her face with her scarf from the desert sand, suddenly something bursted out of the ground to the left of her, a scorpion the size of a horse rose from the ground, Zafira took a vial with a red potion in it from her tunic and threw it at the monster, the vial exploded on impact and set the monster ablaze, spurring Saeiqa on, Zafira made her escape.

This better be worth it, she thought.

She had barely escaped this time, maybe it was wise to leave it alone, she had been lucky so far, next time it could mean death.

But then again, the sight of the treasure had enthralled her. Maybe just one more time?













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Very cool set of miniatures. Love the Anubis warrior. Looking forward to see where this goes. I also enjoyed reading the story. Always adds another layer to paint jobs.

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I love how the first reference cobra pic it almost seems to be all "ahhhh, the beach ssssuuuch a lovely place. Warm breeze, nice comfy sand, and ssssooooo mich missster sssunbeam...!" 

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