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Shifting Sands Glitterwolf paints Egyptian Undead

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I chose a base for Zafira.

Inspired by Lara Croft I made up that little story, so of course now she need to be running through Pyramid halls.


Wall not glued yet because of painting purposes.

Used a base I got in a BOGW ( it was a larger piece of wall, just cut it to size to make a base.

Blue foam and then applied a Greenstuff World Egyptian Roller Pin to it.




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An Innocent Item


Suleiman was studying the scrolls that Zafira had brought him a few weeks ago, the translation took time, the glyphs the ancients used instead of writing were sometimes open to interpretation.

A knock on his door disturbed him, a servant entered the room.

Didn't I make it clear that I should not be disturbed? Suleiman asked.

You did Master, but you also said that you would see Zafira immediately when she got here.

Ah! Zafira! Of course, she's welcome!


A few minutes later Zafira entered Suleiman's chambers.

Light of my life! So glad to see you again, what did you bring me this time? Suleiman asked.

All went well thank you, Zafira answered , glad to see you're concerned about my well being.

Now, now, don't be like that, Suleiman said with a smile, I trust you can handle yourself.

Hmm, I see you no longer have the red vial I got you, what did you use it on?

Giant Scorpion, Zafira said, I barely got away, but it worked great. So thank you for that.

Suleiman nodded, I will prepare some more of those, Giant Scorpion? You've wandered far into the Desert then.


Still trying to figure out where I get it all?

Weren't your henchmen succesful last time? She asked with a smile.

Suleiman nodded, you can joke all you want, but I'm concerned that if anything happens to you the location of that place will be lost forever.

I admit, I shouldn't have sent those men after you, but please reconsider, if you share your secret with me, and with me alone, I will make you rich and you will get me the artifacts I really want.

Anyway, you should realise that it's just a matter of time before I figure it out, I'm translating the scrolls you brought me last time, at a certain point there will be a name mentioned or a location and I will know.

Let's save us both some time and work together in this!


If you tell me where you've been going I can help you to search for the important artifacts instead of trinkets, I will know then whose tomb you've been raiding and what to expect from that.

I could also prepare some protective spells for you or potions suited for the place.

Please Zafira, trust me, I have no intentions of sending a party there, that would raise more attention than I need, there are rival mages who would like to know as well.

I will not betray you, I'm willing to put things in writing, swear an oath or whatever you would have me do.


Zafira nodded, I will think about it, she said, I brought you a few things.

See? Suleiman said, picking up a trinket Zafira had placed on his desk, you've probably risked your life and for what?

This my dear, is an Ankh, a religious symbol as common as the sand in the Desert, granted it's made from gold and it shows fine craftmanship, I will give you a good price, but I could point out to you what to search for instead for common items as this.


Zafira frowned, so it's not that special?

Suleiman shook his head, no, but like I said, I will still pay you for your efforts.

Now, what else did you bring me?


I grabbed this in a hurry, Zafira said and handed Suleiman a small mummy of a cat.

Suleiman smiled, now this is more like it, not a priceless artifact mind you, but it's a nice piece for my collection, he looked at the small mummy and suddenly the look on his face changed.

That's odd, he mumbled.

What? Is something wrong with it? Zafira asked.

I'm not sure, Suleiman said. Only nobles mummified their pets, so you've been raiding the burial place of someone of high standing at least.

But, this one looks, fresh...


Fresh? Zafira asked.

Suleiman looked at her, yes, fresh, a mummy should be centuries old, yet this one looks like it was mummified just recently.

Where did you get it girl? You really need to come clean now, I'm afraid that place is more dangerous than you think, tell me, did something happen? You mentioned you grabbed it in a hurry?

Zafira sighed, there were....guardians...I didn't wait for them to catch me and made a run for it.

Guardians? Suleiman said, please tell me they were graverobbers or nomads? They were not...undead, weren't they? He whispered.

Zafira nodded, I couldn't see them clearly in the dark, but from what I saw they were skeletal warriors in ancient armor.

Suleiman sat down behind his desk, you foolish girl!

You've discovered one of the Tomb Lord's Pyramids haven't you?


Zafira nodded again, I didn't know at first, but it seems so, yes.

I'll be better prepared next time , I'll assure you.

Suleiman got up almost furious, you have no idea what you're up against, you can't go in there again with just a scimitar and a few potions!!!
You have to tell me everything, then we can see how we can protect you, maybe I can conjure up something for you!


Zafira weighed her options, alright, let's do this!

But you better not doublecross me, your magic will not protect you from my wrath if you do!

Good, Suleiman said, finally you've come to your senses, I'll assure you I will keep my part of the bargain.

Let's put some things in writing then, you will tell me everything and I will figure out which Tomb you've been raiding and who's Pharaoh there.

By the heavens above, it's a miracle you're still alive!


Zafira smiled again, I'm not so easy to kill you know.

Oh I've also picked up this oil lamp, she said, is it worth something?

She placed a small lamp on Suleiman's desk.


Suleiman's face turned pale, his eyes widened.

You, you didn't!

What? Zafira asked, you seem afraid, what's wrong, it's just a little lamp!


A LITTLE LAMP? Suleiman screamed, do you have any idea what this is? No..no..of course you don't.

Foolish girl, this is one of the most dangerous things on Earth!

I will pay you handsomely for it and I will make sure to store it away so nobody will ever use it!

May the almighty Lord protect us. Suleiman shook his head.


Zafira grabbed the lamp with both hands, now you're scaring me old man, what is this?

CAREFUL! Suleiman yelled, when he saw how Zafira grabbed the lamp and accidently rubbed it.


A colourful cloud formed in Suleiman's chambers, Now you've done it, Suleiman Stuttered.

The Djinn is coming!!!













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This belongs here not in the Lost World

It's going to be used as a giant scarab.






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Painted today.




Added some Canopy jars form the Nefsokar Weapons Pack to Zafira's base.




Added a little lipstick to the Sphinx




Blocked in the colours on the Stygian Priest




Worked on the Anubi Champion





And finished the Rhino Beetle ( Giant Scarab Monster)







And some pics here, I used several metallics on this one.










Edited by Glitterwolf
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17 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Ooooooooh that purple like colour on the anubti warrior is GORGEOUS~!



Scale 75 Sunset Purple as base colour.



And printed this today.




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6 minutes ago, Morihalda said:

I love it!! And I loved reading your story. You've been busy! :D


Thank you for stopping by!

Glad you like it.

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Printed 4 of the new 5 mummies.

Reglued tails on the panther and jackal mummy..I cut them off when removing supports.

Good prints though




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