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I have these files they're part of a set with the Snake Queen.

Those Snake statues and altar and all are separate and I'm busy printing the set.

I also have the huge Reaper Bones Cobra.

And aside from these braziers I also have two of the Nolzur ones.


And now I'm tempted.

You know how I use a Jungle background diorama for taking pics when I show off a Lost World mini?

How about a Stygian Temple with an Egyptian Feel?

Temple of Apophis/Apep?


Imagine a hallway.

On each side a row of these snake statues ( 2 or 3 at each side?) Braziers between them?

The hallway leading to the altar and there is the huge Reaper Cobra as a statue, braziers next to it, treasure around it?

Maybe a wall with hieroglyphs to surround it all?


Would make a nice diorama and I could put every mini that fits into the Shifting Sands project in there for taking pics?


I do admit I have more ideas like this, and I don't always get to do it.

Usually space is a problem, sometimes I get distracted.

This does has potential though.


What do you guys and gals think?




Amazon.com: Reaper Mini King Cobra - Deluxe Boxed Set #44103 Bones ...


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6 hours ago, Corsair said:

I think the Egyptian theme sounds really sharp!


I expect a delivery of some carving foam today.

Prepped the files for the snakes and the altar in Chitubox, due to their size they all have to print separately around 4 hours each.

I think I will go to town on this one, I had much fun creating the Jungle Photobackdrop a few years ago, still use it for Lost World minis.

I got inspired by @malefactus his backdrops, diorama/terrain piece on their own and suitable for taking pics.


I got a scene in my head I want to create now.

Will take some time of course.

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Unexpected Discovery.


Abdul Sariq was delighted, he had been robbing graves and ruined temples for decades, he could live from it, but he always hoped for that one big treasure.

Of course the competition was fierce, other graverobbers, adventurers, archeologists, most ruins and temples had been looted several times, they had to delve deeper and further to find anything.

But now he had struck gold! 

A sandstorm had revealed an entrance, an undiscovered tomb or temple! 

He would be the first one to enter it in thousands of years, if he was lucky it belonged to a noble or even a Pharaoh buried with his treasures!


Upon discovery he had quickly rounded up his men, he could trust them, two of them where his brothers and the other four had been part of his team for years.

It was already getting dark, he inspected the entrance, Ali held a torch up so Abdul could figure out how to open the door.

His brother Hussain came over, Hussain was a respected History teacher in Town, as such he knew a thing or two about the glyphs the Ancients used.

Abdul often called upon his brother to assist him, Hussain loved the thrill of adventure and the promise of gold, his knowledge had helped them many times before.


What do you think? Abdul asked, Hussain looked at the inscriptions in the door.

Ali, hold that torch a little higher please!

Hussain touched the door, there it is, see? there's a small knob disquised as a eye on this figure, he pressed it and the door moved a little.

I think we can open it now.

The men pushed against the door and they were able to open it, Ali, who had been in front of the others, almost fell down the stairs behind the door, Abdul grabbed him just in time.

Ali's torch fell down and illuminated a hallway.


Abdul was excited, they were the first to enter, if they were lucky the camels would be packed with gold and jewels tonight!

He turned to Yussuf his younger brother, you will stay here guarding the camels and the entrance, the others will come with me, if something happens just scream and we'll come to you!

One by one the group went down the stairs and entered the hallway, Look! Abdul said, pointing at some decorated vases, all intact! This bodes well, we ARE the first!

Rachid looked at the walls, Hussain? What do you think this place is?

Hussain shook his head, I don't know yet, it could be a tomb or a temple, maybe an administrative building, it is no ordinary house, it is something of importance, see?

All these glyphs on the walls, the vases, and look torches! These pedestals have a bowl on top filled with oil, Hussain lit one with his own torch, the others followed his example every time they saw one and slowly the darkness faded.

Nice! now we can see it all better, Abdul was thrilled, come on, we need to find the main chambers, I want to know what this is, and more important if there's any treasure.







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Things are happening...

It will also get a separate Thread:






The Temple of Apophis also known as Apep, The Suneater, The Forbidden God, He who will end all life!


Toying around with some possible set ups, major idea is already fixed.

Artisan Guild Snake statues and more braziers will come soon brought to you by the Elegoo Mars.


Oh...poor graverobber that enters this temple...













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Snake statue 2 printed. the first one is slightly bigger than the second one ( it's supposed to be the big one of the 3, but i'm using the Cobra King for that)








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