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Shifting Sands Glitterwolf paints Egyptian Undead


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On the rare occasion that a battle is not going as planned, the Tomb Lords will instruct the Liche Priests to call upon one of the ancient monsters.

Once living creatures, now mummified and in service to the Tomb Lords, these enormous beasts are nothing else than pure destruction.

Any enemy who spots one of these will either run or die.


More parts are being printed, archvillain miniatures, special edition.






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Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it..


Zafira and Suleiman stood in awe when the room filled with a colourful cloud, a large humanoid shape formed, your wish? A booming voice asked.

Please go back into the lamp, Suleiman answered.

The Djinn lifted an eyebrow and looked at Suleiman with disdain, I only answer to the owner of the lamp!

You're not it, right?


That would be me, Zafira uttered.

So how does this work? I get three wishes?


The Djinn sighed, not again!, Ever since that stupid fairytale was told people think that.

No, you get one wish a day as long as you hold the lamp.

I will not raise the dead for you, I can't make people fall in love with you and I don't kill people for you.

One wish a day? That sounds great! Zafira said.


Be careful, Suleiman warned her, these Djinn often twist our words, choose your words wisely when making a wish.

Zafira laughed, I will, come on, what could go wrong?


So, your wish? The Djinn asked.


I wish to find the greatest treasure of all! Zafira said.

Suleiman buried his face in his hands, Oh almighty one! What have you done?

Zafira shrugged, what?


Wish granted!

The Djinn said and he disappeared into the lamp again.


Zafira wanted to talk to Suleiman again but suddenly she found herself inside a tomb.

Surrounded by gold and jewels she was excited at first, the room was filled with so much treasure even her previous find was nothing compared to this!

She would be rich forever!

Now, how to get it all out of here, she thought.

Then she looked around, slowly it dawned to her.

Where was the exit???



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