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Shifting Sands Glitterwolf paints Egyptian Undead


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A little more story since I have no time to paint right now.


*** Clever Girl?***+


Zafira was annoyed, Suleiman had been right, these Djinn are tricksters!

Sure she got her wish, but now it seemed she was trapped, the Djinn probably had a good laugh at her expense.

However, she remembered she got one wish a day! 

As long as she carried the lamp she could make a wish and solve everything, she just needed to be more careful with how she formulated her wish.

By now she would have been here for a day she figured.


She took the lamp and rubbed it again, a clourful mist formed and the Djinn appeared, Zafira could have sworn he showed her a smug smile.

Your Wish Mistress? The Djinn asked.


Zafira thought about it, I wish to be back with Suleiman! She said.


The Djinn disappeared in a cloud of colours.


What did you wish for this time? Suleiman asked, standing next to her in the treasure room.


Zafira sighed, this was going to take a few days...



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Lights out!


Abdul and his men were more careful since poor Rachid had walked into a trap.

They moved slowly, carefully inspecting the floors and walls with every step to avoid traps.

Gone was their cheerful mood, but the thought of treasure kept them going.

Each of them was hoping to get rich and be settled for life, this was their chance!

Finding a tomb in pristine condition only happens once in a lifetime, they were well aware of that!


Ali held his torch in front of him to see where he was going, Abdul and Hussain were behind him.

Careful my friend, Abdul said, better move slowly and stay alive, we're not in a hurry!

Ali nodded, the flickering light of his torch revealed another crossing, he turned around, left or right?

Hussain shrugged, it won't matter much, are you still writing that map?

Ali shook his head, I can't point the way and look for traps and write a map at the same time, now can I?

Hussain agreed, give me that map, I will work on it then or else we might get lost in here.

Let's turn right, Abdul suggested.


Carefully they took the corner, another long hallway it seemed, snakeheads carved from stone on the walls made the men nervous.

Their open mouths showing large fangs.

Hussain stopped to examine one.

Snakes again? He whispered, I got a bad feeling about this place!

Abdul laid a hand his brother's shoulder, snakes, goats, dogs, whatever, we will be rich when we leave here!

Don't worry about it.

Hussain looked at his brother, you know I respect and love you, brother, but you don't understand.

There are no records of temples dedicated to the Suneater!

This is wrong! Someone build this place to honour Apophis, there is no ruler who's known for this!

Who built this place and why?


Ali had stopped walking when he noticed the two brothers weren't following.

He turned around, are you two coming?

Hussain nodded, yes let's go, just, just be careful okay? I don't trust this place.


They moved on, suddenly the snakeheads blew a strong wind from their open mouths which blew out the men's torches.

It got pitch dark.

Nobody moves! Abdul yelled.

Now what? Ali asked.


There! Hussain said, behind you!

Ali turned around, at the end of the hall there was a faint green light.

Abdul drew his sword, I will take the lead now!

We will have to go there, maybe there's fire there so we can relight the torches.

He used his sword to poke at the ground and the walls with every step he took, hoping he would trigger traps before they could kill him.

Hussain kept whispering under his breath, this is wrong, I can feel it, this is wrong, this is wrong...

Ali got nervous, will you shut up please? You're scaring me!


He almost bumped into Abdul who had suddenly stopped walking.

What is it? Ali asked.

Abdul pointed at the end of the hallway, I don't know, but I'm not sure if we want to find out.


A shadow was visible in the green light. It moved, something moved, something big!



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