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Shifting Sands Glitterwolf paints Egyptian Undead


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36 minutes ago, Fencig said:

so cool, I'm guessing by the oxidized green foam that is a very old set?


Grenadier Miniatures, from the 80's

I collected a lot of those in my younger years.

Nowadays most of these can be bought form Mirlinton but not all..

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13 hours ago, Fencig said:

it's interesting, but in this thread you can see how /when you shifted from  metal to 3D printed. 


Did you ever paint the grenadier set, i didn't see it in the thread?


Not yet, hope to get to it one day.

I'm a slow painter and I didn't shift, the 3D printing is besides the physical minis.

I will still use both.

My drawers are filled with boxes and blisters....


When I get some inspiration I pick a mini or print it and paint.

This ( and my other large projects) will take years, probably will go on till I'm no longer capable of painting.


More to come





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