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Shifting Sands Glitterwolf paints Egyptian Undead


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8 hours ago, mousekiller said:

We are going to have to work a deal one of these days glitter!



These will make great Tomb Kings.

And there's a choice in oval or square bases as well.

I prefer squares, but I don't game.


You can always PM me.

Onepagerules also has some free files on MMF.


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13 hours ago, mousekiller said:

Great work!  Finally done, and a new piece to be proud of!!!



Thanks, she was fun to paint.

12 hours ago, Corsair said:

You are gonna have to build a fold down table from the wall to mount the whole project!

I store it all in my display cabinets, one day there will be Army Shots for which I will need the dining table.

It's a good thing we ordered a bigger table, it will arrive wednesday...

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A little more story / Worldbuilding, it helps me to come up with things and paint more.

Hope you like these little stories.



A Caravan brings goods and rumours.


Suleiman and Zafira were watching the caravan entering the city, it was like a parade of strange animals and people.

Some merchants travelled in wagons pulled by all kinds of beasts, the most common ones, Oxen, but there were also more exotic creatures like gigantic lizardlike animals, enormous birds and such. Mercenaries from all over the World acted as guards and added to the exotic look of the caravan with their different gear and mounts.

There was even a constructed mechanical scorpion, Zafira was thrilled seeing it all.


I could really go for something to eat now, Suleiman said.

Let's go to the Bazaar, that's where the merchants will end up anyway.

Zafira agreed, looking at another huge insectlike construct, wait..that was no construct! Some merchant rode on a huge scarab beetle packed with goods.

What a strange column this was parading through the streets.


Arriving at the Bazaar the smells of herbs, spices, honey and grilled meat welcomed her.

She bought a large snack dripping with honey while Suleiman enjoyed a flatbread with grilled meat.

Then they sat down at a Tea Parlour for tea and more snacks.

A few Caravan Guards sat at a table next to them, something they were discussing drew Suleiman's attention, he winked at Zafire and leaned a little back in his chair, listening to the conversation.


I'm telling you Shouf! I'm not making this up!

I've seen it myself, there are Undead walking around there and they are guarding something!


Ah, come on Ali, you and your tales! There is no such thing as living death!

You probably saw some of those ancient statues!


I did see those as well, Ali replied, and they MOVED!!!

Shouf shook his head, of course my friend, of course, and where exactly was this place you said?

You don't believe me don't you? Ali said.

I don't blame you, It does sound weird, but I'm telling you, I'm not lying.

There is foul magic at work there, you know those old ruins five miles West from the Khuza Pyramid?

Go look for yourself if you dare!



Suleiman leaned forward to Zafira again, that was interesting, that maybe something worthwile to investigate!




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Creating a simple modular board for taking pics of minis.

Not all Desert Dwellers will look good in the Temple of Apophis some will need to a more peaceful or generic set up.

I can add modular pieces on it to create scenes.


First steps.





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