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Shifting Sands Glitterwolf paints Egyptian Undead


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4 hours ago, mousekiller said:

Great work my friend, the green and purple are working very well together!


Applying it to the Headhuntress as well now.

I do have more plans with those pants...she's got this Indian vibe right?

More colours/patterns to come soon...

20220622_103959 (2).jpg

20220622_104006 (2).jpg

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On 6/27/2022 at 10:51 PM, KruleBear said:

Sorry for the like bombing, but had to get caught up from a few years back. 😆

Some lovely work and inspiration here.  I really like the way you have painted the last few bases. 


I use Scale 75 mostly Iroko /White Sands/Birch or Nacar and some Vallejo Sand Effects

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Continuing our story, time to pick this up again.




Festivities,an Artifact and a Dragon.


Zafira and Suleiman enjoyed the day, the Caravan would stay in town for at least two weeks, then they would move on after trading their wares, hiring new guards and so on.

The Sultan himself would make an appearance that evening, Zafira already knew what he would do, welcoming the merchants and declare a party for the rest of their stay, already she could see some street artists and dancers joining the crowd.

She looked at Suleiman who was talking to a merchant, from the look of it Suleiman was haggling over an object he wanted, Zafira couldn't resist a smile when she overheard them.


**** What? No, that's a ridiculous price you greedy man! Surely it isn't worth more than half of that!  ****


-/-/- Now now, my Lord if you look closely you'll see that this item is exactly worth what I'm asking, besides how else am I going to feed my eleven children, my two wives and their mothers? But for you I will lower my price with one Dinar!


**** Just one Dinar??? Are you trying to rob me? I would say it should be at least five Dinar less! It isn't made of gold!****


-/-/- Two Dinar less, that's all I can do or my wives will never speak to me again! -/-/-


**** And that's a bad thing? Think of the peace and quiet! three Dinar less and we have ourselves a deal, take it or leave it *****


-/-/- Now who is robbing who? ...Sigh... I do need the money the oldest needs new clothes, alright then, three Dinar less, here you go! -/-/-


Suleiman paid the merchant,, took the item and returned to Zafira.

He looked happy with his purchase, Zafira was curious what he bought.

And? She asked, what did you buy?


This, Suleiman said and showed her a little miniature of a pyramid.

Is that all? Zafira asked.

Ssshhhh, Suleiman said, that merchant had no clue what he had in his hands.

But that's just a little miniature, what's so special about it?


Come, Suleiman said, I'll show it to you in my Study.

But I want to see the show tonight, Zafira replied.

We'll be back in time for that, but I don't want anyone to see this, now come on!


Back in Suleiman's study he put the miniature on his desk, see these little inscriptions?

Zafira shrugged, so???

Look, Suleiman said, and he twisted the pyramid's top half, it came off and revealed that it was hollow, just as I suspected, Suleiman said.

He turned the bottom half over and a small coin fell out.

A coin? Zafira asked, is it worth something?


Oh yes, Suleiman said, look!

He showed her the coin, it was inscripted with some symbols on one side and what seemed to be a very tiny map on the other side.

I've been looking for this, Suleiman said, this will point the way to a lost city, a city full of artifacts and knowledge he said.

And gold? Zafira asked hopefully.

Of course yes, and gold, Suleiman nodded, but I want that knowledge, there must be dozens of books and scrolls there containing ancient wisdom and maybe even magics.


So where is this city? Zafira asked.

Well, Suleiman said, according to this map and inscriptions quite far from here.

But it will be worth it.

And how will we get there? Zafira wondered.

We will have to ask the Sultan to arrange an expedition, Suleiman said, that would be the safest way.

He will provide us with everything we need when I tell him about this.

But the treasure! Zafira complained, he will want the treasure for himself!


Suleiman sighed, the Sultan will happily grant you a reward for aiding me, besides you can't enjoy your gold when you're dead, right?

I'm telling you it is for the best to consult the Sultan.

Now come on, you wanted to see the show right?


They went back to the town's centre, it was getting dark and the Sultan had just finished his speech, the last words they heard were: And let the festivities begin!


At that signal a troop of jugglers, dancers and firebreathers appeared and started the show. Music and fire and coloured smoke everywhere, Zafira was thrilled.

Suleiman made his way to the Sultan to speak with him about his discovery, while Zafira took part in the festivities.

The Sultan listened to Suleiman and they went back to the Palace.


Zafira was happy as a child looking at the artists, at some point she ended up at the pen where the mounts and draught animals were held.

She leaned against the fence and looked at the different creatures.

Some where pretty common, oxen, donkeys, horses, but there were far more exotic beasts, a rhinocoserous, a giant beetle, a dinosaurlike creature, a giant turtle.

She walked past the fences, the mechanical scorpion she had seen before was just standing outside, Zafira found it a bit unnerving but the thing seemed to be dormant.

Having reached the last pen she couldn't believe her eyes.

That one she had not seen before, looking at the creature she wondered, would that fence be able to hold it, it might just be able to fly away wouldn't it?


Don't worry my Lady, she may not look like it but she's very friendly, Zafira turned around, a tall man dressed in exotic clothes smiled at her.

He bowed, forgive me my Lady, my name is Shu Lin and that is my loyal Dragon.

A Dragon, Zafira whispered, how come I didn't see you two today?

We just flew in, Shu Lin said, I'm not part of the Caravan, I have business with the Sultan tomorrow.

But the Night is young he said, would you do me the honour of showing me around town he asked with a charming smile.


Zafira nodded, sure why not, and I want you to tell me all about the Dragon, she said.

And all about your business with the Sultan she thought.











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