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Shifting Sands Glitterwolf paints Egyptian Undead


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19 hours ago, mousekiller said:

You are a printing fiend my friend! Great work!

Thx buddy, but those still need to be printed,



I decided to take a new approach on my projects, from now on I will paint a Unit then a Monster/Character/Warmachine ( these could be from different projects.

On the side I can always paint something huge like a bust or superlarge monster etc.

But the main reason is that I need to focus more on building actual units than just a character or soldier here and there,



Having bought quite a few minis in the TT Combat KS - Desert of the Dead I decided to start building a large unit.

Here is a unit of Khopesh Infantry led by a Lord and as a unit filler with a Casket of Souls/Ark of the Covenant/Shrine of Apophis...

Partly assembled and fully primed.


Let's do this.





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It didn't feel right to include other minis to fill that unit.

So instead I used a modular movement tray kit and made one for the Infantry.

The Casket will be a separate unit this way as well and the animals and terrain piece can be used for other units I have in mind.


I can build several TK/Undying Dynasties/Empire of Dust/Sand Lords Armies.

And you know what? I will!

Several Tomb Princes/Monarchs will be united under the banner of the Pharaoh Overlord not to mention Armies of the Gods like Anubi/Horus/Sehkemt/Bast/Sobek/Apohis.

Stygians and Desrt Nomads/Arabs will also be here.


The Desert alone will keep me occupied for years.

Of course I also have Gothic Undead, Northern/Prehistoric/Chaos stuff and "Some" other stuff like Pirates /Undead Pirates and Lizardmen/Conquistadores/Aztecs etc etc..

Scifi? Nah.... not my thing, although I do own a full Jackal Army and a few smaller other ones..


I need to paint!


This tray will hold the entire Infantry unit plus command group and Lord.



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So Last Month Ghamak had some interesting Egyptian Undead ( and some useless Empire, but maybe they come in handy after all).

Titanforge has been covering Undying dynasties for January and February... Needless to say these are now part of the STL Files collection.

Waiting to be printed/painted one day.


I have soooo many Desert Things now...

And I just can't stop😊


Currently printing something, hope it will print fine.





titanf 1.jpg


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