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Shifting Sands Glitterwolf paints Egyptian Undead


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11 hours ago, Corsair said:

Glad you went with the helmeted pose.


15 hours ago, Gryphon said:

You've definitely got some neat things going on there.



Thanks guys.


In this project there's room for Egyptian Undead, Ancient Egyptians and Arabs but also for Crusaders, Stygians and Merchants of all sorts.

I also love Roman and Greek stuff so I figured a Byzantine/Greek sort of Undying Dynasty Army might be a cool addition to my Tomb Lords.

Maybe the Tomb Kings defeated a Greek Army once and turned the remains into more monsters and troops to replenish their own army.

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1 hour ago, Gryphon said:

@GlitterwolfDid you get the email from Txarli Factory about their kickstarter opening on the 8th?  Armies of the Sands.  I saw it and thought of you. 


I'll take a look.

Usually I'll stick to the tribe or patreon.

Txarli has some nice stuff, I got a whole set of their bases,

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The Tomb Kings not only fight each other but through the Ages they fight against Stygians, Romans, Greek, Ancient Egyptians and later against Byzantium, Arabs and Crusaders. All of these will make an appearance in the Desert of the Shifting Sands at one point.

But deep in the Desert they still roam and try to restore their Empire.


The Enemy has some monsters of their own, magic runs wild in these lands and the fickle Gods sometimes bestow "gifts" upon champions.

One of these "lucky" ones is Caius Domitius Tiamatus Secundus a Byzantii Hero transformed into a Scorpion Drider.

Will he fight against the Tomb Kings or will he succumb and be pressed into their forces?






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Hmmm come to think it of it, once again a project gets out of hand and it might get too crowded with several factions.

So in here we will keep the Egyptian Undead, Ancient Egyptians, Arabs and Stygians since they're true Desert Denizens.


The  Romans/Greek/Byzantii will move to a thread of their own.




Progress on the Scorpion Drider will be posted there from now on.

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