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Shifting Sands Glitterwolf paints Egyptian Undead

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More work on the Warcats, spots/stripes etc will come later.


Vallejo Heavy Skin

Reaper Creamy Ivory

Secret Weapon Armour Wash

Reaper Carrot Top Red


There is still a hidden place deep in the desert where the ancient civilization still exists.

They are ruled by a Pharaoh who in turn is ruled by the Tomb Lords.

When the Tomb Lords go to war they sometimes call upon their living allies.


In particular the beasthandlers are often called upon.

The young cats were imported from the jungles and savannahs that were once part of the Tomb Lord's Empire.

Besides the common lions, panthers and such they have bred the most vicious ones to create unique monsters.

By breeding with the biggest and most ferocious of the black panthers they can now field huge black panthers almost three times the size of a normal one.


And then there is the ultimate warcat.

It has been said this is a breed brought to Earth by the Goddes Bast herself.

This is a ferocious prehistoric monster larger than a lion and even larger than the huge black panthers bred for war.

There are only a few left, but no enemy has survived an attack of the Nehekharan Warcats!


One of the Pharaoh's daughters is leading the Warcats, here she is with her favorite Panther.





The mighty Lion.




The smaller but no less ferocious Leopard





A huge Black Panther, only after selective breeding one can field such a monster even bigger than the Lion.





The Nehekharan Warcat. A legendary beast, the largest cat of them all.





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6 hours ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

These are great! Hurl a bundle of catnip on the enemy and release the kitties! 


5 hours ago, vegascat said:

Release ALL the Kittehs! They're really looking great!


Thanks friends!


Right now I will first paint the Egyptian minis I already have ( and that I ordered lately) when I have painted the bulk of those I might add to the units I created.

Maybe more Warcats will be added then, for now it's a unit of five.


Soon I will start painting the spots and stripes and such.


I also would like a unit of baboons, but I only have the tiny one that came with the Princess.

Anyone know of good 25/28 mm baboon minis?

I'm talking real ones not armored ones.

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And now to paint it all.

There is still an order pending from Crocodile Games which will bring more Mummies and Anubi.


I promised myself to paint the bulk of the army before I buy anything more.

But..ehhh..TMS Undying Dynasties? OMG!

There are a "few" things I might want to add to this Army!


Some inspirational artwork for reference and to stay in the mood.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor fantasy egyptian artworkAfbeeldingsresultaat voor fantasy egyptian artworkAfbeeldingsresultaat voor fantasy egyptian undead artwork


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor fantasy egyptian undead artwork

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Some Reaper Worn Navy for the Princess her hair, eyes and some of the cats their eyes.

Also made a wash out of it for the Black Panther.

Scale 75 Emerald Alchemy for her jewelry.


Also primed and based the Avatar of Thoth.

I used Procreate and the Greenstuffworld Egyptian Rollerpin for the stoneworks beneath his feet.


Reaper Red Liner and Sepia Liner for him and the base.




















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Suddenly got an idea while at work, writing it down in order not to forget.


Creating a Casket of Souls for my Tomb Lords Army.

( The original from GW is OOP and bloody expensive as is the TMS resin one)


I think I have a few parts that I can use.


  • Caster - Fatima from the Nefsokar Range.
  • Casket - make it from putty/plastic/wood and use the Egyptian roller Pin for the glyphs./ Use a tomb form Bones III change it into Egyptian with the pin.
  • Ornament - Crocodile Games Apis Bull / Anubis box/Seth Satuette or Toob Animals Scorpion.
  • Pile of skulls from Greenstuffworld and or Crunch plate.
  • Guards - Anubi Guards from Reaper/ Tomb Guards from Reaper.
  • Ghosts/spirits flying out of them? Grenadier Ghost/Bones Banshee translucent / sculpt ghostly trails with skulls at the end.



Edited by Glitterwolf
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Set up,


Linked the pics because of Fatima's nudity.






Not certain about the Scorpion yet.


I ordered these, depending on their size I might choose one of these.




Edited by Glitterwolf
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17 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Ohhh my, that Avatar of Thoth is going to look epic in red....


That's what I hope!

Most people paint it white, but there also Red Ibises, so I figured it would make a nice change.



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