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Shifting Sands Glitterwolf paints Egyptian Undead

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4 minutes ago, vegascat said:

Oooh, I really am loving Fatima so far~! <3  Thoth is my second fav with his amazing red skin.


Thank you, I was inspired by a red Ibis for Thoth.

And Fatima is very far from done, I'm taking my time with her, she will be the Caster for my Casket of Souls.

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17 hours ago, Original_Carl said:

These are great. They're going to look great! I heart Thoth, too.


Thank you!

Glad you like it!

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11 minutes ago, stephaniall said:

This is all coming along great, Glitter! I'm looking forward to seeing further developments.


Thanks for the encouragement!

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As for the Desert of the Dead Kickstarter, I changed my pledge.

I decided to opt for the Undead and discard the Elves.

I'm getting this now:



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Worked some more on Fatima the Spellcaster for the Casket of Souls.










Some work on the Beast Handler.



And we have SHOW OFF for THOTH!








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9 hours ago, vegascat said:

They're all looking great!  Fatima has really come a long way!


She will need a little more.

Alas, her Ankh broke off ,I just reglued it to the staff.

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3 minutes ago, vegascat said:

That's such a great looking unit!  The backdrop is really cool, what's it from?




It's actually just a pic from the internet, I was browsing and searching for Nefsokar/9th Age Undead/Tomb King pics and this showed up when I typed in Egyptian Fantasy Artwork.

I printed it and that's it, just a A4 sized print out.


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