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Alphas - A Superhero Miniatures Game (Chibi), by Kids Love Tigers Games, Kickstarter


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A BRAND NEW Superhero Board Game is coming to your table! Alphas is a game of tactical, objective based Skirmishes and fully illustrated Graphic Novels to play through a progressive story with. Created and developed by the same team who made Tabula Rasa, Alphas will immerse you in a world where having powers and abilities are the norm.

WIP rules https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YBygZHwiStw2oR24UKgMH2VhVXAn9eDG/view

United States: $11 - 22 (Continental), $30 (Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico)
Canada: $14 - $30 for most areas.
Europe: $22 - $35 to most countries.Australia: $20 - $40.
New Zealand: $30 - $35.Latin and South America: $60 - $70.
Asia: $15 - $20 (China), $20 - $30 for most other countries (We have no current estimates for Malaysia or Singapore)

WE WILL NOT SHIP TO THE FOLLOWING COUNTRIES: Afghanistan, Brazil, Ukraine, Russia or Greece based on past experiences and/or rates/pricing and custom laws.

(note they've a previous KS project yet to deliver but it's not due to do so until the summer, most recent updates are backer only, but nobodys screaming at them in the comments so it seems to be going reasonably well)

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I just now realized how much I need a giant exclamation point miniature.  Because reasons.


Edit: in the comments, it looks like they are running demos in my area this weekend.  I can stop by and report back how it looks/plays.

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I'd be more impressed if the 'Kidlovestigergames' website wasn't just a parked GoDaddy domain, and all their other dealings seems to be on FarceBook.

(The parked page seems to have had the title 'The World of Wayword' )

Also, no pledge level for just the minis.


As far as earlier Kickstarters, it might be prudent to study Beast Masters, the Dice Placement Game(on KS), Legends of the Mist(another KS) and Hunters: Enter the Darkness(yet another KS).  These are all by Chris Peach, but as the verified ID behind both that name and the Kid Loves Tiger Games name is Erica Wiebusch, I think they need to be considered, also. (Nope, haven't studied those older KS Projects, but the Hunters game looks as if it has some neato minis... )



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I got some pictures of the prototype game at Con of the North yesterday:








I think the models would benefit from basing on something heavier like a metal washer, as small table bumps can topple trees / fire hydrants / lamps.


For the game itself, it has all the standard superhero stuff I'd expect.  Running up the side of a building and pushing another dude off the top, throwing trucks at people, big dude bowling over the top of several smaller dudes, etc.  And some silly stuff like getting soda from a vending machine to get caffeined up for extra actions.


The game moves really quickly. Characters get 4-6 actions per turn all of which can be used for movement or attacks, so you can all out run 15+ squares in a turn, or unleash a multiple attacks, or line up knockback chain reactions, etc, all pretty easily.  Special powers unique to each character are listed on their card.  Tokens for damage or status effects can go on the character card to keep the play area less cluttered.


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Since I liked the look of the game and wanted to spread the word I also started a thread on my other favourite forum Dakkadakka, and some information has come up over there that raised possible concerns over this project


i'd urge anybody interested in backing read over the thread here https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/750823.page and make up their own minds if it's a risk they want to take


(i'm sure this is a real game they want to make and that it would be fun, i'm less sure the driving force behind it is who it initially appeared to be and therefore the risks might be higher than I first thought)

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