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I have been waiting somewhat patiently for C.M.o.N. to restock Enigma's Oz-Zuh, Moon Face for several months. Today I thought I'd try my hand at making a mini similar to Oz.
This is Enigma's version...I would love to have mine paint up this nicely:



This morning I did up a dolly:



He looks like Howard the Duck at this stage:



Some green stuff work on his face, the ruff collar, & a hooded cape:


Now the Moon Faced Lad is one sleeve away from basic completion with only some embellishment that I may later regret to do:



The green stuff should be dry by seven or so; SO I may have him done today...or not.

Since I will be basing & painting him, I thought the W.I.P. section was more appropriate than the Sculpting.

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1 hour ago, Jasonator said:

YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO Malafactus GO !!!

Glad I made up some POPcorn !




...oh I do hope it's dripping with hot, melted butter.

Thanks for the kind reply, Jay. I did up the other sleeve & freshen the ruffle in front. More photos tomorrow.

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44 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:


He is going to be a menace to the population of your world, he looks like he is up to no good!



He does look menacing with a touch of lecherous. I am glad you like him, Glitter. Thanks for the reply.

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Awesome work! It’s really great to see your process for making your wonderful characters!


I have to admit, when the first pictures loaded up, I hadn’t read your initial explanation of what you were sculpting, so my initial thought was “Why is malefactus making a duck klansman? :blink:“ I was relieved to see that it was just the initial sculpt and he no longer looked anything like that once you’d added more detail. 

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29 minutes ago, Guindyloo said:

Awesome work! It’s really great to see your process for making your wonderful characters!


I have to admit, when the first pictures loaded up, I hadn’t read your initial explanation of what you were sculpting, so my initial thought was “Why is malefactus making a duck klansman? :blink:“ I was relieved to see that it was just the initial sculpt and he no longer looked anything like that once you’d added more detail. 


Even knowing what I was trying for, the dolly looked like Howard The Duck. A Duck might work, but it wasn't what I was trying for.

I am glad you like him. Thanks for the kind reply, Guindyloo. This is where he stands right now: white over black prime:



I am deciding on the base & whether or not he will be alone or have a companion.

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25 minutes ago, pcktlnt said:

Tiny base companion! *whispers platypod* 


That's what I am leaning towards also...something Goblin-like. What is a Platypod?


17 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:



Thanks, Glitter...glad you like him.

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8 hours ago, Inarah said:

Wow, with skillz like that you don't need to wait for somebody else's miniature. 


That was very kind of you to say, but I think I have quite a ways to go to equal the quality of a professional sculptor.

My stuff is, however, fun, & suits my World perfectly. I am delighted you like it, Thanks for the reply, Inarah.

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Yesterday was an up sort of day & consequently I forgot to do a few things....like update this thread.

SO I started a possible base for Master Moon Face:



...did the bark up in DAS Air Dry Clay:



The groundwork was done last night & the beasty got primed today:



The base will get some further detailing & then some paint. If I use this one for Master Moon Face, it has plenty of room for a funky or two.

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      Have I mentioned that I have a tendency to get carried away?
    • By malefactus
      SO I have been hoping to get Enigma's Oz-zuh moon Face; AND I have been waiting almost patiently for a restock of Enigma at C.M.o.N..
      Realizing that I just might not live long enough to see that happen I decided to make my own version of the Guy. This is what theirs looks
      This is my version:

      Oz in the Spooky Woods:

      I still would like to do Enigma's, but I am pleased with my own attempt...it might be a lack of taste issue.
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