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Furiously Fluffy Howling Hounds, WhiteWulfe paints gnolls, minotaurs, and more! (probably pic intensive)

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29 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

Just dump a bottle or two of Matte sealer on him. 

Cattle has naturally matte hides.  


The leather on his armor, though, can be a bit shinier.

I suspect a part of why he looks so shiny is the lights are maybe 8" away from him so I could get even lighting for the pictures, but even so, I agree, the shine will have to go down on his hide when we get to that point.  Good thing I have a 2 Oz bottle of matte sealer just for such occasions ^_^


As for the armour, I'll playfully say it could do with being a colour other than black too, for most of it ^_^;;;

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Tonight was a case of some gap filling....  On a mini I've been meaning to do such on for quite some time now....



^77376 Minotaur Demon Lord has a, uhm... Decent amount of gaps, but such is life. ^_^  Gaps won't be there anymore, whoo!  Also, apparently now has a name in the store too (Baphomet).


I've been contemplating redoing his polearms, at least the shaft for it, since not only does it keep bending back, but the only thing I truly like about it is the weapon head it has...



^Two other minotaurs joined the fray...  77251 Minotaur, and 77559 Undying Minotaur.  Tiny bit of base work was done on 77251 with the remaining green stuff... I'd have continued and filled both bases out, except for two things - first and foremost I ran out of what I'd mixed up, and secondly it's late, I'm tired, and I'm working again tomorrow so sleeping in until 08:00 isn't exactly an option ^_^;;;



Apologies for the yellowish tint on several of the photos, my mobile phone for some reason really doesn't like 2700K lights, but they're the only ones I know of that don't zorch my eyes in short order, so I do what I can.  Didn't feel like pulling the G85 out for quick progress shots ^_^;;;

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Quicky update: while I was originally planning on doing some apoxie sculpt + green stuff (to finish off some bases), I really wanted to try out the new brush...  One hour and 36 drops of brown liner (plus 3 drops of thinner) later.... 




He has colour.  Feels so odd though - you'd think Brown Liner would turn out more, well, brown. 



Sooooo happy to finally have liner on him... 


I do like the question hubby had: What colour are you going to paint him?  I was all "uh.... Tauren....? .....like...?" and of course he just asked the question again....  I honestly have no idea what colour just yet, but whoooo, progress on probably one of the oldest minis in my desk. 


Depending on how things go, tomorrow will probably see an update on several minotaurs, as well as a gnoll or three...  I might be "forcibly" dragged into playing more Anthem! :devil:



Oh! Bit of good news... I've been able to have my lights a lot higher as of late for some reason, which is giving me somewhat more even lighting, plus less of a glow to the paint, so I'm happy about that.  Well, less of a glow when I'm not holding the mini a foot off the desk to try and hide the mess, anyways... 


Motrin bottles are working like a treat, thanks again to @ManvsMini for giving me the inspiration to look into various things around the place that could quite possibly be used to attach minis to, doubly so since.... Whatever happened last week at work is something I suspect I'll be dealing with the side effects for at least a few more weeks. 

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Sadly no progress to report on the big guy, but.....



^Some of the other minotaurs got some Vallejo coarse white goop...  I mean Rough White Pumice to fill out their bases.  I'm definitely liking the stuff, as it can rather easily conceal a built in base if I'm not the happiest with it, and give a good roughed in idea of something I want in a fairly short amount of time.  I'm trying not to have it be some sort of "miracle drug in a tub", but at the same time, man it's rather handy for getting to 90-95% of what's in your head for what was originally planned anyways.  Or, in other words, it's nice to have another tool I can reach for if so desired!

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Quicky update, because I really should get sleep.  Alarm's going to come rather early tomorrow since I stayed up a loooot later than I intended to tonight.  Whoops.



^Working on the Reaver's eyes.  Sadly, such didn't really turn out all that well in this shot >.<  No idea why, but sometimes my mobile will cooperate, and then other times it decides it's going to do it's own thing no matter what you try and coax it into doing...



^Mixed up waaaay too much paint to get second layer on Reaver's eyes, so said screw it...  Shoulderpad gets blocked in on Minotaur!  Green is a mixture of Citadel Ahriman Blue and Reaper Bones Dragon Green.



^Yet again mobile didn't want to cooperate...  RL, it's somewhat darker, and slightly bluer of a shade...  Anyways, initial skin blocking in is done, and while it's arguably the wrong colour for what I'm aiming for, it's also something other than Brown Liner, and I can build up from it which works well enough for me!  Colour is a mixture of, uhm... I think it was Citadel Fenrisian Grey and Reaper Bones Dragon Black.  When hubby asked a while back as to what my plan was for his skin colour, I said... "A golden-y, rustic, splotchy... Reddish-orange brown."  ...Yeah, current colour is a tad too cool for that, but in some ways, it's growing on me, so we'll see where it winds up leading.  Idea factory of my brain is all "OMG GO BLUES AND PURPLES!" and rest of my brain is "SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!" in somewhat of a zombie voice...  Either way, goal is to go with something that isn't necessarily screaming "tauren" or "usual minotaur colours" or "COWWWWW" or even "demon"....  Yeah, I apparently like to make my life difficult or something ::P:


Anyways, more to come later, and odds are I'll wind up switching back to using my Lumix G85, because it at least gets more or less accurate colours, AND I did pick up Luminar 3 a while back (*cough*Hubby bought me a copy as an early birthday gift *cough*)


More to come later, I reaaaaally need sleep!

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No update on the big guy other than I'm going to stick with that bluish-grey colour since it's rather grown on me, but there is progress somewhere else....




^Reaver of Kargir is past that "90% done, 90% to go" phase, and just needs a touchup here or there...  And probably pupils.  Pupils might not hurt.  He has arms now, and while the seam is rather obvious on one of them, I'm not going to fix it - it's something I'll keep in mind to learn from the next time.


So yeah, those little touch-ups, get some sort of hopefully decent photo area sorted out (even if it's just a case of "screw it, we'll go long-ish exposure on my 25mm f1.7") and he'll be in the show-off section.  There's more I would love to do, but at this point, I've had to redo several sections already, and so I'm taking it as lessons learnt to do things in different orders, and continue onwards, otherwise he'll sit here for bloody well forever, and it's been what, almost a year now for him?  I want to actually call him finished, and I'm happy (arguably even proud) of how he looks now, so...  Yeah. ^_^

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So.....  Bit of work today on the Minotaur Demon Lord today....  Grabbed the G85 for pictures because, uhm, well...  The phone just wouldn't take a decent picture.  It was either completely blown out, or it kept correcting the purpley-blue.  And of course, I somewhat underexposed on the G85, but it's at least a lot closer to how it looks on the painting desk...  Since I'm terrible at editing photos, I just used Luminar's AI Enhancer at 25% to get to a "close enough" point.





Tried out a few things, and discovered some stuff...  First and foremost, I suspect I'm going to wind up just sticking with Reaper paints, as they seem to behave a lot more....  Predictably, or at least how I'm used to.  Citadel XV-88 (used on the leather straps, at least somewhat) was either too thick, or too thin...  And worse, the longer it sat in my palette, the more... frustrating it became to work with.  Should have just grabbed the original bottle of Reaper I'd planned, but such is life ^_^;;;  Shades on the other hand...  Uhm, I like them.  really like them.  Provided I remember which colours we have *whistles innocently*  Couldn't remember if we had blue, and a quick cursory glance didn't show it, so...  I grabbed the purple one (Druchii Violet), and thought to myself "I'm going to find the blue once everything dries"...  Sure enough, found the blue Citadel shade shortly after things had dried, and so...  Yeah, not keeping him super purple, so slathered him up with blue.  Came out with an interesting effect in the end, imo, doubly so since his skin is somewhat... splotchy, and has random colour changes within it...  I personally like it.


While I'd love to ramble on, there's an alarm for work going off in six hours, and I kind of want to get at least some sleep, so...  For now, that's it! ^_^

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9 hours ago, Maglok said:

Ahhh going the purple way. Nice, nice.

We'll see if he stays purple, or if I wind up going in a slightly different direction.  I have a few more things I want to block in first to get the basic colours more coordinated, and then I'll go from there.   Red is definitely out as a colour, as is the more "traditional" earthy tones a minotaur would tend to have.  I'm also trying not to have him be too dark, as I wind up going that route soooo often ^_^;;;;


That blue over purple is growing on me, and I'm already contemplating ways of keeping aspects of the different colours I like - purple shadows, with blue in the mids, and then having a bluish grey for the highlights of the skin... 


Biggest issue I'm facing at the moment is choosing a base colour for his armour, but for some reason I'm almost thinking basing it off of the Assassin's Elite Kurzick set from Guild Wars 1, but mixed in with a sort of lava-esque or burning kind of colouration (since I kind of like "sneaking" a bit of orange and orange-reds in here and/or there on every mini I paint).  Elite Kurzick would solve the dilemma of what kind of colours to go with, that's for sure. 


Pretty sure purple will be involved in the shadows at minimum, though ^_^

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So uhm, wow.  Been a while, but....  Hey.  Hi there gnolls....



^A while back these guys wound up going for an orange scented pine sol bath because, well, turned out my bottle of white brush-on primer wasn't to be, and they went tacky.  I needed victims volunteers for trying out how Mission Models primers work with bones miniatures, and figured hey, why not get these two starting to get some colour again....


Colours used:

Mission Models Tan Primer

Mission Models Copper


Definitely won't be giving up my Reaper Bones paints, but I definitely do like how these ones performed.  Kind of a pity we only picked up metallic, irridescent, and pearls, but that's life.  I have plenty of Reaper paints to choose from - pretty much my only complaint with the Mission Models paints so far is that you kind of have to plan what you're painting, since you wind up drumming up more into your palette due to how their mixes go, but at the same time... Kinda nice to have more than I need versus having to remix every five minutes... ^_^

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Workspace tidied up, some of the gnolls have been set to the side for the time being, because I've this minotaur mood going right now, and so I figure let's get some minotaurs painted up, and go from there!


Paint used: 9401 Dragon Red



^77013 Minotaur makes it back to the table, wheee!  And I was feeling kind of red, so... Red he became!  Seriously thinking about adding in some Kobold Scale and Succubiss Kiss for additional stuff.  His headfur?  No idea what colour that's going to be yet, I'll deal with it when I get that far ^_^

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      Fairly easy so far.  I did it during game night while playing Talisman.  I was the Sprite.
      Next I pared back the horns to create a pin and to create a better profile.  The stock horns seemed a bit out of proportion to him.  When I got home my original plan was to place pieces of mini cable ties to create a Karnak look for his fists.  The cable tie I started with worked to a point but wouldn't lay flat enough to his hand.  So time for idea #2, wire.  

      As you can see, Karnak has bands around his hands.
      That worked well.  That gave me the idea for a necklace or medallion swinging away from him.
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