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Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon by Glitterwolf

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New Friends.


While Mariko was sent on a recon mission, Yoshigaru and Master Nurin stayed in the woods with Sojobo.

Yoshigaru's friends were the last living members of the Toda Clan, they  filled their days with training and hunting.

By now they had gotten used to see Oni and magical beasts who were now part of their army.

The rest of the Toda Clan had risen from the dead and didn't need to train anymore. They just waited till they were needed again.


Yoshigaru wanted to attack the Kenmu Castle as soon as possible, but Master Nurin had adviced against it.

First wait till Mariko returns with more information, we can't attack the main Castle just yet.

We will have to be satisfied with attacks on smaller outposts and villages!

Of course Yoshigaru understood the wisdom of Master Nurin's words, he needed to keep his anger in check.

Oh, how he wanted to make Lord Kenmu pay for what he did!

He would wait, he would be wise, but when the time comes the whole Kenmu Clan will pay! He thought.


The next morning he was woken up early by Sojobo, Yoshigaru still wondered about the Oni blood in is own veins, after all Sojobo was his uncle and his sister had the ability to turn into a kitsune.

Did he himself had any supernatural powers? He hadn't noticed anything strange so far.

Well? Are you awake yet? Sojobo asked with a smile, I have a surprise for you!

A surprise? Yoshigaru asked, he got out of his tent, what is it?


Sojobo laughed, I'm sure this will make you happy!

Just don't be scared!

Scared? I'm a Samurai! Yoshigaru stated.

Master Nurin had joined them, what's this all about he asked.


Alright, Sojobo said, now prepare yourself, I've brought some friends who are willing to join us against Lord Kenmu.

By now you're used to the Oni and Magical Creatures of the Woods, these new friends are also not human.

Please treat them with respect, they're a proud warrior tribe, do not invoke their anger.

Their leader is an old friend of mine from the mountains, his people are part Oni part Ogre.

Despite their appearance they have always fought evil.

Yoshigaru nodded, I welcome all friends in this fight, no matter how they look or what they are!


Good, Sojobo said.

I want you to meet my friends, Sojobo whistled and a young beautiful girl stepped out of the woods, Yoshigaru noticed her horns and her inhuman skintone but she was beautiful nonetheless.

Meet Tsuki, Sojobo said.

She's the tribe's storyteller, half Human half Oni, raised by the tribe as one of their own.

Tsuki hid her face behind her fan and giggled, he's a handsome warrior, she said.

Yoshigaru didn't know how to react and Sojobo laughed, don't be shy my friend, she's just being friendly.


Yoshigaru nodded, my apologies Lady Tsuki, I forgot my manners because of your beauty, I didn't mean to insult you.

Tsuki smiled and bowed, no need for apologies mighty warrior! 

Now, be prepared to meet our leader! Lord Yoshigruzu!

She let out a cry and then a sound like thunder was heard, Yoshigaru could have sworn he saw some lightning sparks coming from the woods when suddenly an enormous beast appeared.

What's that? He asked, That, Tsuki replied, is Warugo, Lord Yoshigruzu's Warbeast.

The creature stormed out of the woods and stopped right in front of Yoshigaru.

Hail Yoshigaru Lord of the Toda! The huge demonlike ogre on Warugo's back yelled.


He dismounted and looked down on the samurai.

Yoshigaru looked up to the towering figure before him, Hail Yoshigruzu Lord of the Mountain Tribe, he answered.

Sojobo smiled, good, now let's meet the others, the tribe arrived, some where twice as big as a human being, others even bigger, one giant even had two heads!

Goraku! Sojobo said, so glad to see you!

This is the Wizard of the tribe, Sojobo said.


Now let's eat and drink and discuss the situation!








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Reaper Red Liner.


Vallejo Terracotta


Reaper Green Liner







20200510_142639 (1).jpg

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Reaper Jade Green and Yellowed Bone

Andrea White

Vallejo Terracotta and Charcoal Black

Scale 75 Walnut


Edited by Glitterwolf
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On 5/7/2020 at 7:32 AM, Glitterwolf said:

Now let's eat and drink and discuss the situation!

Hope Sojobo has stocked up recently; these oni look like they could rack up quite the grocery bill! 
Good stuff.

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Glued some ONI to their bases and assembled the big wizard.








20200522_184739 (2).jpg

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Assembled the Oni Leader and did more work on the big lady.






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Reaper Dark Skin Highlight

              Clotted Red

              Burgundy Wine

             Carbon Grey


Scale 75 White Alchemy





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