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Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon by Glitterwolf


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Tsuki is almost done, she needs a little more, tried some freehand on the fan.

Yuki Onna is getting there, she was one of my first prints, a little too much supports caused some rough surfaces, I will keep her simple.

And another Female Oni warrior from Artisan Guild.









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The Oni Warrior got some more colours



And Yuki Onna and Tsuki are finished!




Yuki Onna:





Tsuki Oni Beauty







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Time to continue the story.






For months Mariko had lived in the city now.

She had managed to get hired as a help in the kitchen and gained access to the Castle, rented a small room in a nearby inn and had to leave her dog there, nobody would enter that room while she was working.

And now she had been gathering information and watching the Castle Guard's schedule.


At the other end of the courtyard there was a single building, it was guarded and Mariko had seen Master Hiro and Wu Gao go there almost every night.

Every time, the girl carrying two swords followed them, she seemed to be Wu Gao's bodyguard or something, she had learned her name, Lin Siniang they called her.

Mariko wanted to find out what was going on in that building, she had seen strange lights coming from those windows, green, blue, red, very very odd.

Nobody in the Castle knew about what happened there, and as a kitchen maid she couldn't ask too many questions without raising suspicion.


She had heard rumours that Wu Gao was some sort of demonhunter and that he and his men were hired by Lord Kenmu to fight supernatural beings.

This meant her clan, she thought, the Toda that had risen from the grave and their Oni allies.

What could a small group from Cathay do? She wondered.

It was important that she knew what was going on in that building, she had thought of a plan.

She could climb the roof of the building if she could reach the ramparts and watchtower behind it and then look through the skylight.

All she had to do was gain access to the ramparts, and she had just the idea how to do it.


That night she walked to the ramparts with a basket full of pastries and sake, the guards welcomed her.

She had been talking and flirting to them for a while now and they weren't suspicious of her bringing food and drinks.

By the time she had reached the watchtower it had gotten dark, already she could see coloured lights coming from the windows of the building beneath her.

The guards were happy with the sake and treats, Mariko excused herself telling them she needed to go back to the kitchen, while they ate and drank she quickly moved to the ramparts and when nobody looked she climbed down to the roof of the mysterious building.


Obscured  by darkness nobody noticed the slender girl on the rooftop, she crawled towards the skylight.

She looked down.

Master Hiro and Wu Gao stood before a strange construction, Lin Siniang stood guard behind them watching the door.

She looked up to see if nobody saw her but the guards were busy eating and drinking and didn't pay attention to her.


A second time she looked through the skylight to get a better look.

Two golden Foo Dog statues stood at the sides of what seemed a stone circle adorned with dragon figures.

Master Hiro read from a scroll and made strange gestures, Wu Gao opened a jar and threw some coloured powder into the stone circle.

Suddenly the dragon figures started glowing and magical flames burst forth from the circle.

Then a living Foo Dog stepped out of the portal followed by a small dragon!

This thing was some kind of portal!

Lord Kenmu was mustering forces from another realm himself!


She crawled back and made some noise, Lin Siniang looked up and their eyes crossed.

Immediately Lin jumped to the door.

She ran out and shouted at the guards, the guards stormed out of the tower to see what was going on.

All they saw was a fox and it was gone before they could catch it.

Lin was furious, where did that girl go?














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