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Nippon, Land of the Rising Moon by Glitterwolf


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More progress on the Oni.


Reaper Walnut Brown


Mixed Reaper Walnut Brown with Scale 75 Inktense Chestnut for the hair.




Linked for NUDITY..









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Reaper Jade Green

Reaper Breastcancer Pink

Reaper Spectral White

Scale 75 Dwarven Gold

Vallejo Earth


Linked for Nudity










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Almost done, she needs a few minor touch ups, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.


Linked because of some Nudity, although her hands and the head she holds now obscure most of it.








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As some of you know, in my Lost World Project, I'm telling a long ongoing story to give a background to the armies and creatures I paint.

I'm not going to do that here.

However, I do want to create a background story so we can see where this army comes from, why it is here, it's purpose and the characters and creatures make sense.

So I will tell one (rather long) story to explain it.

And I succumbed to telling more snippets of the story on the go..

I do hope people will like it.


To give this army meaning, here is the story.

I will happily mix folklore and historical facts, twist them around and give it my own spin in order to fit my needs.

It is Fantasy..so be aware that things might be different in here.




This is a tale of love, revenge and restoring a family's honour.

It will also show that although the Undead and Demons are gruesome and dangerous, the purpose of this army is not an evil one.


Yoshigaru Toda and his friends were hunting, they had tracked a huge boar and it was a matter of time before they would bring it down.

He had brought his Ki'Rinn Hounds with him, since he was a boy he had dreams of a Ki'Rinn, he knew it was just a dream, although one time he could have sworn he had caught a glimpse of it in a forest.

Must have been a trick of the eyes of course.

But he was so impressed by his dreams that he had outfitted his hounds with a special padded armor and a headgear sporting a horn.

They were trained to use it as a weapon and these hounds were used both for war and hunting.


He spurred on his horse when the hounds started to howl.

They had found the boar!

A brutal fight followed, you should know that a boar is not a thing to be trifled with.

We're not talking about a simple pig!

This one was 250 pounds for sure, a huge specimen and it was angry!

In the following fight one of his precious dogs died and one of his friends got a bad wound at his left leg, but in the end they killed the beast.

That night they made a fire and roasted parts of it, the intestines were given to the dogs.


Yoshigaru stared into the fire.

This was the first time he had gone hunting since his mother had died two months ago.

His father was devastated and Yoshigaru worried about him,.

Unlike many other Clanleaders, their marriage had been one out of love, not a political one.

But his father might have made a terrible mistake.


See, after six weeks Narinaga Kenmu, the leader of a very important clan had paid his respects.

Narinaga was a rising power, he already owned a lot of land and many lower Lords had pledged their fealty to him.

He stood on good terms with the Emperor and who knows? One day he might become Shogun!

Narinaga had suggested that Miyoshi Toda remarried, and he had offered his niece's hand.

This would ensure Toda's allegiance of course.


But his father had refused, filled with grief he had said no.

Yoshigaru sighed.

It wasn't just that he had refused, he had been very clear about it, and Narinaga had left short after this.

Yoshigaru had warned his father that the Kenmu leader might be insulted and such a powerful man would not take such a thing lightly!

His father had told him off.

He was stricken with grief and hated politics, what did he care what Kenmu wanted?


Yoshigaru wondered, it had been two weeks since then, nothing had happened, but he just knew things would never be the same again.

He hoped he could talk reason into his father, make him reconcile somehow.

But how to tell your father and Clanleader to change his ways?

A son should show respect, right?

He had lost his appetite, tomorrow, he thought.

Tomorrow he would try to talk to his father, maybe ask Master Nurin to talk some sense into him.

It seemed Miyoshi would only listen to the old monk these days.


He looked around, his friends had fallen asleep.

One stood guard and kept the fire going, He nodded at Genji and went to sleep.




Now Yoshigaru's fears were not unfounded.

Unbeknownst to him that same morning when he had left for the hunt, Kenmu's army stood hidden behind the hills.

A spy looked at the Toda Castle and waited.

The Ninja were deployed. These men looked like mere peasants and had infiltrated the Castle.

Their job was to sabotage the bridge so it couldn't be pulled up.

He waited and then, there it was!

A few small explosions and the chains holding the bridge were destroyed, at the same time the Ninja would have killed the guards to ensure that the gates would stay open.

They would probably die themselves during this action, but such was their way!

He raised his hand and the army behind him stormed over the hill.


Narinaga Kenmu led the attack himself, his son Tsunemote at his side.

The Horses overran the peasants, his soldiers kiled them all, the orders were clear, no one should survive today!

Everyone would know that nobody insulted Kenmu and live!


Some Toda cavalry sallied forth from the gate to meet them, Kenmu recognized Miyoshi's banner.

Good! He thought, he spurred on his horse and raised his katana, blood would be the only way to restore honour!

While the cavalry fought each other, Narinaga sought out Miyoshi, a bloody fight followed.

Eventhough Toda was an admirable fighter, he had been weakened by his grief and the attack had come as a total surprise.

Narinaga had been training and preparing for weeks now, Toda made a good effort and even managed to damage Narinaga's helmet, but then he was thrown from his horse.


He staggered and raised his katana once more, Narinaga dismounted and attacked furiously, it was a matter of seconds, his sword slashed over Toda's chest toring open his wooden armor, the next blow struck flesh.

Toda dropped his weapon, his eyes looked at Narinaga in disgust, then it was over.

Narinaga looked around, his soldiers were winning, Toda samurai and soldiers laid dead all over the place.

Peasants were killed like chattle, he smiled as he saw his troops entering the gates.

Quickly he got on his horse again to catch up, with their leader dead the Toda would not last long.


When he entered the courtyard he was filled with pride when he saw what happened next.

Murakami Toda, Miyoshi's youngest son came running waving his sword, but his own son Tsunemote dismounted and with one perfect blow, beheaded Murakami!

A son to make a father proud! He thought.

He joined him and slapped him on the shoulder in approval, together they walked to the main building.

His soldiers had dispatched all of the Toda soldiers.


There on the porch of the main building stood Toda's oldest son, Takamori.

He looked at Narinaga in defiance.


Lord Kenmu! He yelled.

You have won!

I have a request!


Narinaga and his son came closer, a few vassal leaders were behind him.


A request? He asked.


Takamori Toda raised his sword.

You have killed everybody, there is no way I can win this fight anymore.

I wish to die with honour!

But I have  a last request, leave the Castle as is! Do not disturb the dead!

Let this land be Toda till the last corpse has rotten away!


Narinaga came closer, you wish to die with honour?

If you can do that, I will grant you your last request, I will allow you to die on the porch of your ancestral home.

You will commit Seppukku before my eyes.

If you can manage to die like a man without showing fear and pain I grant you your wish.

Should you shame yourself , then my son will behead you out of mercy, but then I will burn this place to the ground!


Takamori agreed.

He got some time to prepare himself and then he nodded that he was ready.

Tsunemote took position behind him, ready for the mercy kill should it be necessary.


An aid brought Narinaga a chair, he took a seat in front of Takamori, his vassals stood behind him.

He looked Takamori in the eyes, proceed! He said, show me you can die with honour!


Takamori closed his eyes for a moment, a silent prayer to his ancestors.

Then a swift deep cut and he opened his stomach.

He clenched his teeth, he didn't utter a sound, Narinaga was impressed.

Not many men could go through with Seppukku all the way without the mercy of decapitation.


Takamori made the second cut, he almost screamed, but he firmly kept his mouth shut, a small stream of blood gushed from his lips were he had bitten himself.

He felt his life draining away, with his last breath he turned to Narinaga, So dies a Toda!

And then it was over, his head fell on his chest, his body stayed in the seated position.

Tsunemote looked at his father who rose to his feet.


Narinaga turned to his vassals.

Let the world know that nobody insults the Kenmu Clan without consequences!

But let it also be known that we are with honour!

Young Takamori Toda died with honour, I shall therefore keep my promise.

These lands will be forbidden to anyone, let this land be a warning to all!!!


Satisfied with today's outcome, Narinaga and his men went home.

He had ordered his soldiers to place signs at the borders of Toda's land, making sure everybody would know this was now forbidden to everyone.

It would be a resting place for an honourable foe and a warning to his enemies.

Nobody would dare to cross him after this, he thought.

And he was perceived as a man of his word!

It couldn't have gone better, he thought as they returned to his Castle.


That night he personally told the story to his allies who hadn't been there.

While he recalled the events he fell silent for a moment and glanced at his advisor Hiro.

He continued the story and sat down, his allies were whispering among each other, they seemed in awe by his actions.


Hiro stood beside him and whispered in his ear, you wanted to say something my Lord?

Narinaga whispered back, Toda had three sons, did he not?

Yes, Hiro said, and a daughter, all were killed during the attack.

Are you sure? Narinaga asked, I can't recall seeing their bodies.

Hiro nodded, these things can happen during a battle, a man can get trampled beyond recognition, he could have died in the explosion the Ninja caused.

Takamori himself told you, you had killed everybody!

The Toda Clan is no more!!!


Narinaga nodded satisfied.

He accepted the tea a geisha offered.

Yes! He had been victorious!


The next morning Yoshigaru Toda and his hunting party returned home.

When they came closer they saw that something was wrong, the bridge was down, the gates were open, but there were no people moving in and out.

Then he noticed the first sign, a wooden plank with a message on it.

" At Clan Kenmu's orders it is forbidden to enter these lands, this is the resting place of our honourable enemy which will not be disturbed on penalty of death!"


Yoshigaru felt his blood turn cold.

Resting place?

He looked at his friends who were as startled as he was.

They spurred on the horses, the hounds ran along, there were dead bodies everywhere!

He recognized servants, samurai, soldiers...


Then he came upon the body of his father.

He looked upon the mangled body and held back his tears.

Drawing his sword he entered the gates, there he saw the beheaded body of his younger brother.

Again he had to restrain himself, a man must not cry!


They walked further till they reached the porch of their home, there sat his older brother, his head on his chest, his guts all over his lap.

Seppukku! He thought.

Noticing he wasn't decapitated he felt proud of his brother.

He died like a real man! He hoped that one day he would be able to be that strong!

But where was his sister? And Master Nurin?


Of course! He thought and he ran to a shed used for storage, there under the straw was a hatch.

The secret hideout!

He knocked on the hatch in a pattern his sister would know.

That way she would know it was a friend opening the hatch, if she thought otherwise she might kill herself to spare humiliation!


The hatch opened and he looked into Master Nurin's eyes.

Yoshigaru! It's you!

Mariko! are you allright? He asked.

His sister appeared in tears.


We could hear it all, we couldn't save anyone!

It's allright Yoshigaru said.

Nobody can blame you for this


Master Nurin and Mariko emerged from their hiding place.

Together they walked to the porch and looked at Takamori.

He died with honour, Yoshigaru whispered.


If he hadn't Kenmu would have burned everything down, Master Nurin said.


That's it then! Yoshigaru said, the Toda Clan is dead!

We are finished!

Nothing left to do than to follow Takamori's example!


Master Nurin shook his head, don't you want revenge?

Will you give up?


Yoshigaru looked at the monk, revenge?


Look at us!

A girl, and old man, five soldiers and four hounds?

How are we going to get revenge?


Well, the old monk said, we could seek help.


Help? Who would help us? Yoshigaru asked.

His friends looked as if the old monk had lost his mind.

One of them called Seiwa, said, nobody would dare to raise a weapon against Kenmu after this!


Nurin disagreed, there is one!

We should go see your Uncle, he said to the Toda children.

Mariko frowned, Uncle? what Uncle?

Your Mother's brother, that Uncle! Nurin said.


Yoshigaru stood perplex, Father never spoke of Mother's side of the family!

To be honest we know nothing about her past or family, I always assumed Father had married a lowclass woman and was ashamed of her family, eventhough he obviously loved her!


Nurin laughed.

Low class?


Let me tell you who your mother was!

You see when Miyoshi was a young man he loved to hunt, just like you!

And it was on one of those hunts when he saw Akemi, your mother!

She was not in her human form then.


Wait! Mariko asked, what do you mean? Human form?


Nurin gestured her to have patience.

See? Your mother was a Kitsune!

At first Miyoshi wanted to kill the werefox, she hadn't noticed him yet, but then she shed her fur and he saw her human form.

It was love at first sight.


He quickly grabbed her fur coat, preventing her to return to her animal form and then took her by her shoulders.

She was afraid at first, but then she looked into his eyes, and she loved him back.


Yoshigaru couldn't grasp the meaning of this.

A Kitsune? My mother was a Kitsune?

Yes, Nurin said, as is your sister, although her powers haven't manifested yet.

Mariko almost fainted.

I'm one too?


Nurin nodded.

Your father had married her and he got a visit from her brother, he warned him to treat her well, but gave them his blessing when he saw that she loved your father.

She passed away two months ago, I guess that news has not reached him yet.

We must seek him out and ask his help.


Yoshigaru nodded, allright, alright, but what can my uncle do?

What kind of man is he?


Oh, Nurin smiled, he is no man!

His name is Sojobo and he is a powerful Ogre Mage living at the feet of the mountains, he is lord of all forest creatures and Oni that dwell there.

We will have to meet him and tell him what happened.


The Toda children were baffled.

They were part Oni?


Now, I will spare you all the details of the long journey to the feet of the mountains.

But when they got there a Ki'Rinn greeted them.

Yoshigaru looked at it, I have seen you in my dreams when I was young.


The Ki'Rinn acknowledged, yes, I have visited you before, my name is Hiragana.

I will bring you to Sojobo!


Sojobo received his niece and nephew and listened to their stories.

He wept for the loss of his sister.

Then he heard about the fate of the Toda and he got enraged.


Now I do not know what exactly was discussed that night or what pact was made.

But from then on the Kenmu Clan got some weird reports.

Farms at the edge of their lands were raided and peasants were killed.

Narinaga was not sure who was attacking them, Ronin? Brigands?


But one day a young boy, Eiko, 9 yrs old had witnessed an attack and he had escaped.

He firmly asked to see Narinaga claiming he had seen it all and knew who was attacking the Kenmu lands.

A bit amused by the boy's determination Narinaga allowed an audience.


He and his vassals listened to the boy's story.

At first he thought him to be insane, but then more stories spread among the lands.

And it seemed that it was true.


Tales of the second Toda son attacking Kenmu lands accompanied by a Ki'Rinn!

And what was worse, the army he led, was the Toda Clan!

No longer living, their skeletal forms raided the Kenmu lands.

Young Murakami was sighted, holding his own decapitated head high as an accusation, killing Kenmu citizens with his sword.


There was even talk of Oni and monsters!

An older woman whispered something about Dragons, but that was fantasy of course!

Narinaga was sure of it, someone was playing tricks!


There were rumours of Takamori who appeared, drew his sword from his own belly and killing guards!

Some Oni were held responsible for wiping out a caravan.

And one time there was this rumour of a female spy who, when discovered turned into a fox and escaped!


Now I don't know if this is all true or that this really happened, but it seems there is a supernatural army out there.

One that is bound to bring the Kenmu Clan to it's knees and in doing so, will restore honour upon the Toda name!






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1 hour ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Only took almost 20 years and a trip across an ocean for him to go from primer to paint!  ::D:


He and his brethren will be taken good care of!


I'm happy to see they have good detail and he fits my needs!

All will have elobarate armor in striking colours!


Thanks again for the bargain!


I hope you like how I paint them!

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Andrea White nr.4

Scale 74 Deep Blue, Hellbound Flesh, Moonray Flesh, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Harvester Flesh

Vallejo Dried Blood, Earth

Reaper Yellowed Ivory, Brush on Sealer



And he is done!










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