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77580 Ma'al Drakar the Dragon Tyrant


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I finally finished this guy. Not a long long paint job, but lots of layers of paint on some parts. 


I used the reaper metallics on the head, plus a lot of other reaper paints. Basecoat was DF paints, as they seem to stick to bones really well despite being a bit thick and intended for terrain.


In the last pic is the highlighting I did on the body. First time for me to really 5a85fcde74c55_MaalDrakarLayerVIA.thumb.JPG.52325f61b0a6b20a26cc9d7df125cecf.JPG5a85fce417c48_MaalDrakarLayerVIB.thumb.JPG.841a83124cded67097201b03ef3c3647.JPG5a85fcfa90f00_MaalDrakarLayerVIC.thumb.JPG.2225422018e78dd9e961bc2797f74d4d.JPG5a85fd079c19c_MaalDrakarLayerVIIA.thumb.JPG.845f1c28385932d7ff405f7ab8b3b90a.JPGtry that.  


Updated with another pic, added a green wash top necks to help blend with the body better




Ma'al Drakar Layer VIII A.jpg

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