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Grey Maidens

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13 minutes ago, Lucian523 said:

Lookin quite good! I like the choice of colors they compliment each other well. Say what's the male mini? I think I need one of those.




Also it's a female as well. One of the requirements to be a Grey Maiden in Pathfinder ::): 


Nice work!! Love the bases.

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Very nice!  I like the unity of color you've presented.


The captain is Isabeau Laroche? 


I'd hate to be those poor squad members.. 1 captain, 3 lieutenants and 4 soldiers!  That's some top-heavy leadership!! ::P:

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3 minutes ago, eldamir said:

The captain is Isabeau Laroche? 


I'd hate to be those poor squad members.. 1 captain, 3 lieutenants and 4 soldiers!  That's some top-heavy leadership!! ::P:


Yes, that's who I'm using for the captain - I wanted to have an even number of Grey Maidens to make it easier to build encounters with groups of them.  Having three "levels" of them should make it easier for my players to differentiate between relevant individuals in an encounter.

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A very nice looking squad!  I'm tempted to try something similar, it's always handy to have a coordinated group of opponents.  Great job making them look cohesive but distinct.  

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    • By cakira21
      Isabeau Laroche, Female Paladin. Reaper Item # 03364.  The eye liner/eyes came out really well on this one even though you can't really see it in the photos. Heavy clear coat for table top.

    • By Ash Adler
      I'm beyond happy with how this one turned out.  Once I'd settled on the look I wanted, it was mostly meant as a chance to experiment with some techniques that I hadn't used before (painting with an ink wash as the main color for an area, doing a gemstone effect, and doing some drybrushing), but the end result was pretty great.

      As before, more pictures and details of how I worked through it are on my blog: link
      Since this was mostly about experimenting, I didn't take the time to do any extremely fine details like painting the buckles and the fingers.  Highlighting on the right thigh and the near corner of the shield (in the front view) could've been neater, highlighting on the cloak is a bit too bright/sharp, and I probably shouldn't have gone all the way up to silver for the filigree on the bottom half of the shield, but overall, I love how it all turned out.  The gems are definitely my favorite part of it, particularly how I think I did a good job of lining up their lighting to match with a light source above the head (lack of lighting on the gem at the back of the sword was intention, since it should be on a shadowed face...missing touching it with gloss varnish was an accident, on the other hand ).
    • By Patrik Strom
      The Gray Maiden from Reaper's Pathfinder line. I've had this semipainted for a couple of years now, and I've finally decided to try and finish it. It was a rather quick job. I wish I had more precision to paint the straps on her arm and leg.

    • By ub3r_n3rd
      This is my ReaperCon 2015 entry into the Diorama category. I called it "Faithful Stand" and the idea came about when I first saw the praying paladin. It evoked in me an image of him praying to his god or goddess and something bad sneaking up behind him. I then saw the Reaper Artist Con's Ogres and knew that they were what was needed to put this diorama from my mind into reality. The Grey Maiden was the prefect figure for my idea of a statue of the paladin's goddess. 
      Having got caught up in a pretty big funk for a while, I didn't start this project until about 10 days before ReaperCon was to happen. After much work and many hours, I was able to complete it at the deadline the morning I had to leave for the Con.
      I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it!
      03710: Ogre Smasher, sculpted by Bobby Jackson
      03711: Ogre Clubber, sculpted by Bobby Jackson
      03600: Praying Paladin, sculpted by Matt Gubser
      60025: Gray Maiden, sculpted by Derek Schubert
      WIP Thread
      Faithful Stand
      He knelt before the statue of his goddess, she was stained with age and time. The alcove had long fallen down around her ankles, but she still stood. He took it to be divine intervention and continued to pray to her, he knew that he was the first to do so in this ruined area in well over a century... 
      ​As the paladin prayed to his goddess, Tog and Gog grinned evilly at each other and came out of hiding in the hills and forest to smash the skull and enjoy a nice meal. They rushed forward, froth and drool flying out of their mouths and eagerness in their long strides. Their clubs wound up and...










      Thank you for looking, C&C are welcomed and greatly appreciated!
      P.S. I might still (at some point) apply the feedback I received from Michael Proctor (one of the judges) to fix this piece up more, but I'm still undecided at this point so that's why I'm posting pics now.
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