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Confrontation: Classic


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Link to the kickstarter:



Some info on the Dakka forums, including "backward compatibility" ::): and "skirmish, and only skirmish" : https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/150/717182.page


Anyone have any info about the company? How able do you think they can pull off a KS? They've at least been in business for a long time?



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Didn't Cyanide Studios and Legacy Miniatures get hold of the IP after Rackham went bust, and weren't they to relaunch the game in 2014?


There's no news on Cyanide's pages about any transfer or leasing of IP that I can see?


With 178 minis in the set, I would assume that they're not about to let everyone pick and choose just the handful they want. I expect there to be core sets(with books) and expansions and whatever, to make production and fulfillment less of a nightmare.


As for sending Cadwallon a C&D, that's a rather .... move. 


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This could hurt A LOT.  But on the plus side I have all the Wolfen, Drune, Daikinee (except the 2 mail order ones) and Griffin models already.  So really, I'm not interested in that much more.  Only Dirz, Cynwall, Orcs, and Devourers.  Oh, and Mid-Nor, Sessairs, Lions, and Acheron.  And Ophidians.....  :-)  Oh, if they flesh out that other elf faction I'll be in really deep then.

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