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Confrontation: Classic


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2 minutes ago, Orlando_the_Technicoloured said:

It probably shouldn't have a delayed tag yet since the official delivery date is November 2019 and they haven't officially said it's going to be late


(even though it's looking very likely to be a disaster, even more so than during the campaign)

Agreed - it's my bad on messing the date up between 2018 and 2019 and mentioning it here. 

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22 minutes ago, Chrome said:

Moar apropos...


Image result for nero fiddle


We are talking about Europeans after all....

I don't know.   The company name here is Sans Detour, or "without detour".   A train barreling down a track towards a broken bridge seems appropriate for the name. 

Or maybe it's more like this:
Image result for coyote road runner tunnel

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Anyway, links to the Chaosium statement about SD (two years of non-payment) and French RPG Aventures (en francais) :









Also, for the resin miniatures, Hysterical Games delivered the first wave of resins, then closed its door. While Footsore picked up some Hysterical Games' customers, Confrontation was not one of them. Footsore's reply on FB when I asked:  "Hello xxxxxx, what has happened with Hysterical Games is separate to us setting up our own resin casting. We havent picked up all their customers so as it currently stands Confrontation Miniatures are not one of our customers."


Confrontation thread on Lead Adventurers. : https://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=108765.300

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14 hours ago, kristof65 said:

Man, this is falling apart way faster than I thought it would...


IMO not particularly, these guys were so desperate for money something was obviously up in the background and now with all this "breaking news" its easy to see why now as these guys are in serious debt, if you remember correctly they lost just over 200K of funding and continued as everything was fine, while the campaign funding and comment section were imploding, that is a KS record for lost funding on a successful campaign IIRC and i think its going to hold that crown for a while i would think, any serious business would have cancelled, reworked the campaign and shown there was no connection with Ludikbar or what ever that FLG shop was called!

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