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i suspect this is at least in part them being disingenuous, creating a backdoor way to sell new stock they possess but are not allowed to sell because they lost their licences (e.g. cthulhu...) by pretending the items are «used»



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5 hours ago, kristof65 said:

would not be the first time I've heard of a company doing that. 


I've heard of a company's highstreet shop receiving a delivery and the manager punching a box and saying "well we can't sell that. That's damaged stock. I'll just have that as my personal copy."


Admittedly this was about 20 years ago but I'm sure similar things still occur from time to time.

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after a long silence (and plenty of ignoring Chaosium, Peterson games etc) it looks like somebody at San Detour is back at work since we have an update



Updated information -- Les Informations de reprise

Posted by Joss (Collaborator)
Hello everyone,

For the past six months, the agenda and activity of Éditions Sans-détour have greatly changed. All of our energy has gone into the transition we’re currently undergoing and we’ve had to make important changes in order to continue operating, all while continuing to work on the Confrontation Classic project. We have to admit that we haven’t given enough of our time to this massive project, whether for project leadership or, more importantly, for communication. 

We’d like to sincerely apologize to the community. 

We’re taking back the management of this project firmly in hand, as it should be, with the goal of keeping you informed on a regular basis.

1- Let’s start with the resin Collector’s Choice models.

As we’ve already announced, De Tinnen Roos is Sans-Détour’s partner for the production of the Collector’s Choice resin models for Confrontation Classic. Since Hysterical Games closed down, we chose this production company for their good reputation. Thanks to them, we’re resuming the production of the Collector’s Choice.

We have the pleasure of revealing the first control castings made by DTR for the resin models of the Kickstarter which have also allowed us to check the quality and rework some parts as needed.

These first castings were made using a blue resin, but let’s reassure indigophobes right away, regular production will be made in a more traditional magnificent gray. 

[image removed due to bare breasts]

The schedule is as follows for these resins:

• May 13th to the 20th: production of the resin models, as agreed with De Tinnen Roos.

• Around May 25th: reception of the models at our warehouse.

• Starting on May 27th: beginning of the packaging for shipping.

• Starting on May 31st: Beginning of the shipping of resin models to the backers who have decided to receive them separately, or who have only these resin models in their pledge.

Some of the Skull Warriors have gotten some touch-ups and will be delivered to us with a few days of delays.

As for the Mid-Nor Hydra and the Cynwall Wyrm models, the size of some of the parts means slightly longer detail work so that these are of the best possible quality (example: the wings of the Wyrm)

Our team will visit the De Tinnen Roos workshop in the last week of May in order to check the process for these parts and validate the quality of the casts. Shipping for these models will thus be pushed back 2 or 3 weeks. We’ll let you know the expected delays once we’ve met with the De Tinnen Roos team.

Their team has also passed along a technical detail we’d like to share with you: At the beginning of the year, they’ve chosen to use a less fragile resin than the one they used to use. This upgrade has required a few technical changes and a bit of time to adjust to working with it. But in the end, the DTR team is up to date and able to produce quality models with a less brittle material!


2- Confrontation Classic

We’ll be strengthening the project team and dedicating additional human resources to management and communication. We’re re-examining multiple fabrication and delivery solutions. We’ll give you more complete information and a tentative schedule as soon as they are greenlit on our side. 


3- Others Projects

As you know, the return of Confrontation is accompanied by the development of Confrontation Resurrection and other projects, such as the roleplaying game. We’ll also have new news we’ll be communicating with you on a regular basis about those.

Once again, we’re deeply sorry for the radio silence and we’ll do what’s needed to broadcast information in this space on a regular basis.


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Perfect to show some communication and raise some hopes for backers, giving them a reason to believe the poor management was just a temporariky hiccup, while they hype the development for the Resurrection and "other projects". I would not be surprised if they launched another project before this one is fullfilled. They show some communication, launch another project, backers join in hope of that all will be okay now when they are back to showing progress, the new project gathers another half a million, and then they are off the radar again. I wouldnt be surprised at all. I will not touch anything remotely close of a direct sale by this company. Once they put their merchandises out to reliable retailers, then I will think about picking something up from them.

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Keith McCoy (11 days ago) : "I had read that article/forum, and was not really surprised to see this. It seems that over the years this exact same group of friends have had several businesses claimed to be “separate” officially, but all seem to be the exact same group of people running each. It just further strengthens the opinion for me that claiming Ludik was not the same business as Sans Detour is just a bunch of BS. It appears that ALL businesses this group of guys run are all basically the same thing, with them shifting assets around as is convenient for them to avoid accountability when one of their venture’s fails. Which, over the past few years seems to be a more common occurrence.


Tom (11 days ago): "

Quite possibly these links from a few comments below.



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4 hours ago, kristof65 said:

so maybe the resin backers will get something. 



I get the feeling you're new to this project.

The project was for plastic confrontation minis.  Only five backers got the "everything in resin" pledges (and an unknown number got individual add ons in resin).

Nearly all of their updates since the Pledge Manager closed have focused on the resin manufacturing, while none have addressed concerns that the plastic minis aren't going to be made.

This update is the first time that they've every really addressed plastic production:



 We’re re-examining multiple fabrication and delivery solutions.

This could mean a number of things.

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I see the round mould in the pictures that looks like it is made for spincasting. Is spun cast resin not usually counted as a lesser quality resin casting (such as trollcast or finecast) as opposed to hand-poured? Or is it just the ones I have seen that have used a lesser material when spuncast?





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