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Kraken Help Needed

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Hey all,


I'm looking for advice on gluing the spar that holds the Kraken up. I tried super glue, but when I actually put the Kraken on it, it came loose. More super glue? Hot glue? What has worked for others?

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You could use a tiny dot of green stuff and then some superglue.

Most of the times this works for me.

You might need to support or hold on to it for at least half a minute or so..


Also scrape off paint where you want to glue.

Paint comes off when glued, you need the Bonesium to bond.

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Superglue should actually be enough on its own for those parts as long as there is enough contact area.

Note that superglue works upon contact and if there is not enough contact area it will be significantly less bonding. I suspect this is the reason it came loose on you.


The greenstuff works as a gasket or gap filler and provides surface area, which is the reason it works. Other types of putty can also work. 


A two part epoxy glue will do the trick if the gs/superglue does not work for you.

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You could try pinning it as well. Bones are easy to pin. That plus superglue will make for a very strong bond. 

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