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Absolutely amazing! I was just taking note of this mini the other day, and you've done a fantastic job! That wood grain came out really nice, that's something I really need to work on. Also, I really like the way his beard came out. Overall awesome!

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The colors are great and I love the blonde beard! Many times I think people use too much yellow to make blonde, this is the perfect blonde! The axe handle is also very well done!

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I'm impressed ! Lovely job, I particularly like how you used your excessive shadowing style to make the mini pop, very hard to pull off on such close-up camera shots and you succeeded quite well ! As for your lettering query, it is all about illusion with something that small and also think you pulled it off quite nicely even thou your not happy with it. Thank you for this showing.

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Darcstaar, I have this same figure, and I'm looking forward to painting it. Your's' looks great! My only nitpick, and it's small, is that the beard, which is well done, blends in with that NMM on the helmet. Other than that, I really like it. Well done sir! 

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Firstly, this looks great!  ^_^ 


The tiny runes on his clothing look better at the bottom than they do on the sleeves, I think it's that tiny shadow or hint of a separation line on the top of the runes to help them not blend in with the background.  I don't know that there is enough room to have that detail on the sleeves so maybe either widen the edging or choose a different background color?  Tiny details like this are the weakness in Bones because of the slight softening of the edges.  You pulled them off well, I think!  

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