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Jasper paints 15mm Ancient Historics

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I'd planned to get started on these a bit ago, but got distracted by other bright shiny objects...

Forged in Battle (West Wind Production's historic line) are currently doing their third Kickstarter for their War and Empire line of ancients with a little over a week left.  I figured it was time to get started on some of mine from their first Kickstarter for that line, from a couple of years ago.  I don't really know what I'm doing with these , and my knowledge of history from the era is primarily from the Iron Maiden song about Alexander, so I'm going to have to do some googling and ask some questions (apparently base sizes and number of figs per base are of some importance....).

So to start off, I opened my box from KS1 and grabbed a pack, making sure it wasn't cavalry or camelry or chariots or elephants or anything super cool, since I'll save those for after I know what I'm doing a bit.

The pack I grabbed were WE-RP02, Roman Velites, from the Punic Wars.  Now in the Kickstarter I picked a couple of stater armies that they had pre-defined.  Apparently these guys are from one of those.  I'll have to track down which ones I picked sometime soon I suppose.  I've got a spreadsheet somewhere.....


Anyway, I dumped them all out a sorted them by pose.  Looks like there are 4 standard poses, plus a command and a standard bearer.  I cleaned them up and got to here:



Looks like I got 6 of 3 of the poses, 7 of the other, 2 commanders, a standard bearer, and an extra shield and banner. That adds up to more than 24 figs, which is apparently common with these packs.

So, I "think" I need 1 commander and 1 standard bearer, and presumably 22 other guys.  And I "think" they go 4 figures on a 40mmx20mm base.  But I need to check on all that.


And I need to figure out what I'm going to stick them too for painting....


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Looks like you have started them before me. I still have lost from the first 2 Kickstarters have bowed out of this one and try not to look at the updates in case I crack. 

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I've heard good things about the Osprey books.  Don't have any of them though....


Well, I did some looking at how other folks paint 15mm ancients. Asked my wife if she had any craft sticks (which is why they are bright crafty colours) and found some white glue.

Until I see how much room I really need I decided to go 4 to a stick.  Wasn't sure what to do with the rest of each type...then I found my spread sheet.  Seems there is another pack of these guys.  Dug around in the box and found it.

So I'll do 4 per stick, 3 sticks per pose (with maybe an extra stuck on one stick depending on actual numbers) and one stick of leader types.

Since I haven't prepped the second bag, I just did 1 stick of each to get started.



So it looks like my 2 armies from the first kickstarter were the Republican Romans (Punic War) and the Early Carthaginian. I think the main reason I picked the Early Carthaginians was to make sure I got some chariots and elephants. ::D:  Don't think I got an camels though....

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Romans are close order troops so those would be mounted 4 to a base and it looks like you have the right base size although you could also go with 15mm deep to give them a denser look when they are ranked up together (and the smaller depth is perfectly acceptable within the rules). Early Carthaginians are probably a mix of close order troops a loose order troops depending on which unit is being represented. So same base size but only 3 to a base.  For the Romans pick one base as your "command" base and mount all of your command style figures on that, or create two command stands, each with a leader and a banner and two regular troopers. The Roman Osprey books are very good just remember that almost anything goes the records are not exactly available anymore! 

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Most ancients games (but not all) have settled on the Wargames Research Group standard bases, which would be 40mm wide for 15mm figures, and as Heisler said, 4 to a base.  Myself, I like to have my infantry in two ranks, so I usually go twice the standard depth and put 8 (or 6 as appropriate) figures on the base.  Something like this:IMG_2383.thumb.JPG.5de40d44b4a58f6e493e4ad170f533d3.JPG


These guys are small/true 25s on a 60mm wide base, but it gives the impression.

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Found a fairly straight forward guide to painting up 15mm ancients (if I followed my normal painting style it would take me half a year or so to paint one pack of 24, except I'd never get that many done as I'd get distracted by out bright shiny objects.....I'll likely put more into my commanders and such but the regulars need a quicker method).  Following this guide: http://twincitiesfieldofglory.blogspot.ca/2015/10/montys-method-for-painting-15mms.html?m=1


So the next step should be priming them with AP Leather Brown colour matched primer.  I currently don't have any of that, but want them to match up should I grab some in the future, so I primed with white and them gave them a coat of normal AP Leather Brown.  Going forward (until such time as I get some AP primer) I'll likely do that in big batches with the air brush, but since I was only doing 4 sticks worth, I just abused an old base coating brush.



It's a start.


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Another quick method which I have used for my Warmaster 10mm figures was to undercoat white then apply a brown wash to shade into the areas this was made up of a bit of brown ink, brown paint, a drop of washing up liquid (to make it flow into the folds more than the big surfaces and some water all put in a spare paint tub.


Then I painted over the top with watered down paint as not to cover the shade up to much, not perfect but did look good on small figures, then followed up with another ink wash afterwards to finish them off.


(I too looked at these KS but decided I had enough to paint as it was)

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