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Grenadier Undead Rhino Captive Carrier with Reaper Alahazra by Glitterwolf


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1 hour ago, Crowley said:

Nice!!! Love the use of the Bones Mummy!



Thx, he insisted to be part of this!


45 minutes ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

I like the bleached bone effect. The undead rhino has been in the sun for a LONG time.


Thank you!

I wanted it to stand out from the yellow desert base.


43 minutes ago, Clearman said:

Yeah, that's pretty cool.  Makes me rethink wanting an undead rhino model.


The backdrop is pretty cool as well.


The Rhino turns up often at ebay, also Mirlinton has it these days with a new Skeleton crew.

I found Alahazra a great addition.

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16 minutes ago, KruleBear said:

Love actually seeing this classic mini painted and the backdrop looks great.  


Thank you, more will come soon.

I also have the Undead Elephant and Mammoth waiting..and Asian Dragons etc...



6 minutes ago, Schirf said:

Great work! I love all the little details, like the snake!



The snake and the gun are part of the resin base, I added the mummy to tell a little sidestory

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