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Finished the sorceress I was working on. I'm happy with how it turned out

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    • By Thrym
      Welcome to Thrym's Show Off List
      Listed by Reaper Miniature Line with SKUs.
      Original Index
      Dark Heaven Legends
      02828: Thornback Troll (as Fell Ogre) 03270: Stone Giant Warrior 03493: Rumscratch, Dwarf Wereshark (Secret Sophie '14 Present to MatrissaTheEnchantress) 02770: Lunkh, The Hill Giant and the Silver Dragon Egg 02127: Giant Mountain Troll (The Old Troll and the Boar) 02622: Frulla Krung (The Frost Giantess)
      03430: Young Swamp Dragon (Copper Dragon on Marbled Tiled Hex Base)
      14077: Griffon 03407: Hellborn Troll 14012: Gauntfield, Necropolis Hero (as Harrow, Reidlar of Terror) 02877: Mountain Troll (The Skull Collector)
      77009: Werewolf (with Tombstone) 77105: Kagunk, Ogre Chieftain (Son of the Magi) 77013: Minotaur (with weapon conversion to two-handed maul) 77120: Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin (Reaper Winter Exchange '14 for RobinH) 77156: Owlbear (Secret Sophie'14 Present to Kay13) 77171: Stone Golems: inspired by Marvel's The Thing inspired by Marvel's Juggernaut inspired by Marvel's Hulk inspired by Marvel's Doctor Doom inspired by Marvel's Colossus
      inspired by Marvel's Thanos 77185: Large Earth Elemental (inspired by Marvel's Hulkbuster Iron Man) 77195: Mr. Bones (Kickstarter II Conversion) 77230: Ankheg (with Metallic Chitin)
      89026: Eando Kline Chronoscope
      50082: Cobra, Modern Ninja P-65 Heavy Metal
      65140 :: Ogre Mage WOOT!  Finished Minis!  Hit the "Follow this Topic" to wait for me to finish another ... in the FUTURE!!.  LOL
    • By Fruggs
      Finished this little guy this last week. I love all the Townsfolk.  I wish there were more:).  

    • By Fruggs
      Heya folks been busy painting away, but keep forgetting to post on here.  This one is one of the Halfling Farmers by Jason Wiebe. I also started an instagram @starscolorbox, there are more photos on there :).  Enjoy

    • By lexomatic
      Here is an index to all my completed minis.
      If there is no link, that means I haven't started painting. A link to a WIP thread will appear if I'm working on it currently. *WIP(start) means it's the first post for a particular project in my defunct consolidated WIP thread.
      08901-LTPK1 (Anhurian, Rat)
      08903-LTPK3 -WIP
      08904-LTPK4 - WIP(start)
      08905-LTPK5 -WIP
      77098-Spirit: attempt 1, attempt 2
      77009-Werewolf: attempt 1, attempt 2, WIP2(start)
      02303-Mason Rowan
      50042-Townsfolk: Modern Children -WIP
      50051-Max Decker, Private Eye -WIP
      03721-Vonsalay -WIP
      03248-Classic Horror: Dracula -WIP
      77176-Familiars [i already lost 2 down the drain :'( ] -WIP
      P02198B-Ferocious Felines Small -WIP1, WIP2 WIP 3
      77117-Vandorendra, Snake Demon -WIP
      77067-Virina, Female Demon -WIP
      77028-Mortar, Gargoyle -WIP
      80024-Deputy Wayne Tisdale -WIP
      77045-Orc Hunter (Spear) -WIP(start), and
      77051-Orc Stalker -WIP(start), and
      77059-Orc Beserker - WIP
      77193-Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage -WIP
      02509-Mother Superior -WIP
      03435-Dire Boar -WIP
      77169-Flesh Golem -WIP(start)
      77186-Tiik Warrior - WIP
      77022-Michelle Ranger - WIP1, WIP2
      77114-Faceless Horror - #1, #2, WIP1, WIP2.
      77083-Medium Fire Elemental
      03027-Spectre - WIP
      77056-Orc Sniper #1 #2 - WIP
      77043-Orc Marauder #1 #2 - WIP
      77002-Orc Archers - WIP
      77003-Orc Spearmen - WIP
      77108-Bones Shadow Dragon - WIP
      77088 +77140 conversion - WIP1 - WIP 2
      77097-Grave Wraith - WIP
      77099-Night Spectre - WIP 
      77029 - Unicorn - WIP
      77006 - Great Worm - WIP
      77016 - Rats - WIP
      89003 - Pathfinder Goblin Warriors - WIP
      77024 - Goblins - WIP
      Bones 2:
      77247-Pillar of Evil - WIP
      77159-Ghast - WIP
      77114-Mummy - WIP
      77211-Gauntfield - WIP
      77201-Dragoth - WIP
      91007-Bone Fiend - WIP
      77237-Skeleton Guardian Archer - WIP
      77238-Skeleton Guardian 2H Sword - WIP
      77239-Skeleton Guardian Spearman - WIP
      77240-Skeleton Guardian Sword - WIP
      77241-Skeleton Guardian Axeman - WIP
      77242-Skeleton Warrior Sword - WIP
      77243-Skeleton Warrior Axeman - WIP
      77244-Skeleton Warrior Spearman - WIP
      77245-Skeleton Warrior Archer - WIP
      80035-Dumpster - WIP
      77356-Anhurian Swordsman- WIP
      77357-Anhurian Crossbowmen- WIP
      77358-Anhurian Bowmen- WIP
      77359-Anhurian Spearmen - WIP
      77378-Caryatid Columns - WIP
      77312-Ice Wall - WIP
      77362-Angels of Sorrow - WIP
      77306-Translucent Slimes - WIP
      77276-Sea Hag - WIP
      77369-Translucent Shadow - #1 - #2 - WIP
      77224-Rogan - WIP
      77202-Warg -WIP
      77216-Companion Animals - #1 #2 WIP WIP bear(s) cougar(s)  hawk(s) wolf(ves) wolverine(s)
      80036-shipping container - WIP
      77126- vermin /spiders(2) - WIP
      77137-sarcophagus - WIP
      77302-female paladin - WIP
      89031-Whispering tyrant - WIP
      89021- Mystic Theurge - WIP
      77349 - Goblin Command - WIP
      Bones 3:
           77444 - Goblin Warriors - WIP
           77445 - Goblin Skirmishers - WIP
      Ogre Command
           77566 - Ogre Chieftain - WIP
           77568 - Ogre Matriarch - WIP
           77567 - Goblin Standard Bearer and Musicians - WIP
      Chill Out
      Lycanthropes 2
      Mythos Expansion
      Stoneskull Expansion
      Graveyard Expansion
      77491 - Kickstarter Sophie - WIP
      Non Reaper:
      (so far these are only Mega Miniatures, but will eventually be a few boardgame minis).
      Mega Miniatures: (the first few were in one post)
      F-40 - Guard with spear raised
      DEAL-0145 - Guard with crossbow
      DEAL-0014 - Ghost
      DEAL-0169 - Thief throwing dagger
      DEAL-0501 - Bureau important person with dog
      DEAL-0225 - Amazon drawing sword
      DEAL-0494 - Bureau hands on waist
      DEAL-0172 - Aging Wizard
      DEAL-0336 - Thief thrusting
      Redcaps -WIP1, WIP2
      Dark Sword:
      DSM2112 - Male Fighter with Spear -WIP - WIP 2 -
      DSM5073 - Arston Whitebeard -WIP
      Paymaster Games (Going Native):
          Kev White does Matt Dixon:
      Harwood Hobbies:
      Hazmat Team (4) Flashlight, Geiger, Laptop, Clipboard
      RCMP Constable Lestrade Normal, Armed
      The Duke - WIP
      Demon - WIP
      Mr Karswell - WIP
      Ritual Leader - WIP
      3 Axe Cultists - #1 #2 #3 - WIP
      The Enforcer - WIP
      Red Box Games:
      Warbands of the Cold North II:
      Red Gunhildr
      Pretty Laerke
      Female berserker shaman
      RAFM-Nightgaunt -WIP
      Grenadier-Halfling -WIP
      End of Times (Ian Mountain)
      Dr Prometheus
      Father Patrick
      Kobold Press Bestiary
      Paymaster Games
           Going Native: New World Monsters
      Crooked Dice
      Dark Age Outpost
      Dollar Store:
      Centipedes - WIP
      Spiders - WIP1  WIP2
      Board Games:
      Folkore: The Affliction
      Walk of the Dead-WIP
      Murder of Crowz-WIP
      Very Infected People - WIP
      Black Plague Character pack - Hildir (WIP1, WIP 2) - Goat (WIP) -
      New completed minis will appear in posts below, and will be linked to in this top post.
      Running total:
      2013: 17
      2014: 3
      2015: 20* (45)
      2016: 20* (68) 39 (by March 19)+1 aug +7 sept +10 sept +1 oct +10 dec
      2017: 20* (69/33)(july30) 2+2+3+2+2+1+1+23june+33july
      updated July 30, 2017 (new minis still to be added)
    • By Tarsemina
      And here it is! It's finally finished and with a good picture (the camera peeps up a RCon took excellent pictures).  I won a bronze on it at RCon, and this was my first year in the adult category. When I got the scores one of the judges wanted to give me a silver, one of the others wanted to give me a COM, and the last one wanted to give me a bronze it averaged out to a bronze, I'm so happy! C&C welcome and very much appreciated!
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