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Box of Goodwill round 6 arrival/departure thread. NO CHATTER

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Here's the official arrival/departure thread for round 6 of the Box of Goodwill.


Remember, no chatter here, please. Do it here instead:




Marvin---sent 1 Mar

FireEyes---received 3 Mar, sent 10 Mar

Flit--received 13 Mar, sent 20 Mar

HateToWin  (dropped out)

HjorHrafm---received 22 Mar, sent 28 Mar

Painting Dog--received 30 Mar, sent 10 April

Gaming Dog--receiver, sent 12 April

Inarah---received 15 Apr


Generic Fighter---sent 15 Mar

Dilvish---received 17 Mar, sent 30 Mar

Jsalyers--received 2 Apr, sent 13 Apr

Glitterwolf--received 20 Apr, sent 23 Apr

RobinH---received 30 Apr, sent 4 May

AutumnHare---received 12 May, sent 19 May

Horned Turtle---received 23 May,

Generic Fighter---received 30 May


Guindyloo---sent 3 Mar

MadJack--received 5 Mar, sent 14 Mar

Pingo--received 21 Mar, sent 2 Apr

Green Eyed Monster--received 5 Apr, sent 20  Apr

Ulfheathen--received 23 Apr, sent 11 May

Sylverthorne---received 15 May, sent 31 May

Clearman---received 02 Jun


Pcktlnt---sent 28 Feb

Keianna---received 2 Mar, sent 09 Mar

Broonkah--received 12 Mar, sent 19 Mar

Chris Palmer--received 22 Mar, sent 26 Mar

Aryanun--received 29 Mar,

Ultrasquid---received 31 May, sent 20 Jun

Paradoxical Mouse---sent 06 Aug

Pcktlnt---received 09 Aug


Clearman---sent 26 Feb

Disserma---received 1 Mar, sent 8 Mar

Kristof65--received 10 Mar, Sent 12 Mar

Kangaroo Rex--received 14 Mar, sent 22 Mar

Wyvern Fire--received 24 Mar, sent 31 Mar

Crowley--received 2 Apr, sent 7 Apr

Izzy Lobo---received 12 Apr, sent 23 Apr

Guindyloo--received 26 Apr


Rob Dean---sent 17 Mar

Erimys---received 20 Mar, sent 22 Mar

Inarah--received 24 Mar, sent 2 Apr

Haldir--received 5 Apr, sent 12 Apr

Samurai Jack---received 15 Apr, sent 27 Apr

Froggy The Great--received 30 Apr, sent 19 May

Lidless Eye---received 21 May, sent 23 May

Rob Dean---receieved 25 May


Chaos Wolf---sent 12 Mar

Shadowphase---received 14 Mar, sent 19 Mar

Hungerfan--received 21 Mar, sent 28 Mar

Smokestack--received 30 Mar, sent 31 Mar

Necromancer--received 2 Apr, sent 6 Apr

Thes Hunter

Arc 724---received 9 May, sent 29 May

Chaos Wolf---received 31 May




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On 3/4/2018 at 2:29 PM, Guindyloo said:

I dropped my box off at the post office yesterday on its way to @Mad Jack


 Quickest mail ever. Box arrived today.



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    • By Chaoswolf
      Ok, here are the rules:
      1) Please don't sign up if you were there, or if you had someone get you stuff from the con. This is supposed to be for people who weren't there. No, I'm not going to check, but the gods will know, and they will visit a terrible vengeance upon you.
      2) Unlike the regular version of the BoGW that you may be familiar with, you don't need to match anything you take. All of this stuff was donated by people to allow other people to get some cool stuff. So, take whatever you want (but see below).
      3) No sharing your picks. If it works out that everyone involved gets to pick 3 figures but you only want 2, you can't pass that extra figure choice down the line to someone else. Everyone gets to have the same amount of stuff, unless someone chooses to take less. If there's stuff left over, send it back to me and it'll get folded into the next regular Box of Goodwill. (Exact number of choices will be based on the amount of people signing up)
      Most of the stuff this time around is metal and resin miniatures. There are no Bones (I did receive a few of the monthly Bones giveaway figure, but they're all the same figure, and I was probably only going to throw in a few to round out numbers if it becomes necessary, otherwise, I was going to put them in the regular BoGW). There are a few non-miniature items, such as bags, dice, etc. There are not enough of these items to go around, so if you want a bag, for example, that counts as one of your picks.
      Any other questions, please let me know.
    • By Chaoswolf
      Here's the official arrival/departure thread for round 8 of the Box of Goodwill.
      Remember, no chatter here, please. Do it here instead:
      Generic Fighter---sent 5/4
      AHY79---arrived 5/6, sent 5/16
      Pineapple---arrived 5/18, sent 5/22
      3vil3lvis---arrived 5/25, sent 5/29
      Hungerfan--arrived 6/18, sent 6/24
      Synistar---arrived 6/26, sent 6/29
      Generic Fighter---arrived 7/1
      Clearman---sent 4/20
      Crowley---arrived 4/22, sent 4/27
      Dilvish the Deliverer---arrived 4/29, sent5/11
      TripleH---arrived 5/13, sent 5/20
      KangarooRex---arrived 5/22, sent 6/8
      Cassu  dropped out
      Lidless Eye---arrived 6/10, sent 6/17
      Sylverthorne---arrived 6/19, sent 6/28
      Clearman---arrived 7/1
      Inarah---sent 4/19
      Broonkah---arrived 4/22, sent 4/30
      Gaming Dog---arrived 5/2, sent 5/10
      Argentee--arrived 5/14, sent 5/17
      Izzy Lobo---arrived 5/20, sent 6/1
      Kristof65---arrived 6/3, sent 6/4
      MattParody---arrived 6/10, sent 6/19
      Fire Eyes---arrived 6/22
      Inarah---arrived 7/5
      PCKTLNT---sent 4/30
      Mutilated Lips---arrived 5/4, sent 5/11
      Warlady---arrived..., sent 5/23
      Sanael---arrived 5/25, sent 5/31
      Hiddenone32---arrived 6/3, sent 6/6
      Keianna---arrived 6/8, sent 6/18
      PCKTLNT---arrived 6/28
      Rob Dean---sent 4/29
      Autumn Hare---arrived 5/2, sent 5/6
      Ratmaster2000---arrived 5/8, sent 5/10
      SGHawkins09---arrived 5/11, sent 5/17
      Horned Turtle---arrived 5/21, sent 5/28
      Marc---arrived 5/30, sent 6/12
      TGP---arrived 6/13, delivered 7/19
      Cygnwulf---received 7/19, sent 7/22
      Rob Dean---arrived 7/24
      Guindyloo---sent 5/4
      Chris Palmer---arrived 5/7, sent 5/13
      Holk Diggity---arrived 5/15, sent 5/20
      Samurai Jack---arrived 5/23, sent 5/30
      McKenna35---arrived 6/1, sent 6/5
      Wyvernfire---arrive 6/9, sent 6/19
      Buckyball---arrived 6/26, sent 6/27
      Jodie---arrived 7/2, sent 7/9
      Guindyloo---arrived 7/19
      Rat13---sent 4/23
      Klarg1---arrived 4/25, sent 4/30
      Pingo---arrived 5/4, sent 5/6
      Talespinner---arrived...,  sent 5/17
      Morihalda---arrived 5/18, sent...
      Disserma---arrived 6/14, sent...
      Rat13---arrived 6/28
      Chaos Wolf---sent 4/27
      Mad Jack---arrived 4/29, sent 5/20
      Haldir---arrived 5/23, sent 6/6
      Corsair---arrived 6/10, sent 6/17
      Glitterwolf---arrived 6/26, sent 6/27
      Mini Dungeon Master---arrived 7/6, sent 7/21
      Flit---arrived 7/26,
      Chaos Wolf---arrived 8/17
      Have fun!!
    • By Chaoswolf
      Would there be interest in/support for doing this again this year?
      This is the basic idea behind it for those not familiar:
      The past couple Reapercons that I've been at, I have noticed a fair amount of swag bag/con exclusive figures that people didn't want getting tossed onto the melt table and/or left laying around.
      I had the idea of collecting all the unwanted stuff, putting it in a box and shipping it around to folks who couldn't get to the 'con so that they could sort of 'be there, too'.
      Unlike the regular BoGW, people donating wouldn't get anything out of the box, they would just be 'throwing away' the stuff they don't want in a slightly different direction. Maybe there would be a ribbon involved, maybe it might just be the thanks of people who will benefit done the line.
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