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Grenadier Balrog

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Good looking figure.  You did a great job on the base.  I can appreciate feeling apprehension on a figure.  On one hand I know I have to try things to improve or try (like basing, painting techniques, use of colors, etc...), but on the other hand I don't want to make the figure look worse. 

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SPLENDID! You seem to hit a new high with each new creation. The Old Balrog painted & based up WONDERFULLY. The sword & eye are a nice flaming effect. VERY WELL DONE!

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Thanks for the kind words, everyone!


13 hours ago, 72moonglum said:

Very cool mini, nicely painted, blast into the past!  Of course don't quite remember was  the Lord of the Rings Balrog from their boxed sets?

I'm not entirely certain where this guy came from; I'm pretty positive I didn't buy him from the store, so he was either part of an ebay win, or else I traded for him with one of my friends back when we were kids ( and he was brand new :lol:).

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20 hours ago, 72moonglum said:

So went and checked and it looks like he came from the Lord of the Rings set where the villains were:  http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:G-lotr-7502-ref.jpg


Set 7502 "Sauron's Dark Ones"

Cool, thanks for the info! it looks like I had a couple others from that set at one point as well.

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      Being that this is the figure that was the biggest reason why I picked up the Hassassin Bahram Sectorial Starter Pack (say that three times fast ), I was suspecting he'd wind up on my painting desk sooner or later...  I just didn't realize he'd have the honour of being the first finished this year, as well as my first finished Infinity miniature!

      At some point in the near future I'll acquire some S2 holoprojector tokens for him, as actual 3D representations are nice.  Not sure where from, but I like my current Art of War Studios things, so probably theirs.
      Oh, and for those who might be curious, that's a Global Evil Corp UniPod with two StairPods (well, one pack) in the first three pics, fourth one is a DuoPod with a StairPod alongside it.  Sadly no magnets yet for the terrain, but they're on the way, and will get here at some point
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      Hello guys and gals!
      so this is the first figure I ever painted, even though these aren't that version.  The first version, which is actually the one you see below that was painted first years ago, is actually the original stripped version that I would have painted when is was probably about twelve.  The original one was painted in model enamel colors, with pink skin, yellow hair and shirts, green paints and I think grey cloak.  I ended up getting back into minis again way back and stripped him before I knew about EBay and was able to get a second copy.  So here's the one I just finished painted a few nights ago:

      and here's the one I painted I think in about 2004:

      and here they are together:

      So anyways, just thought it would be fun to post, now I'm off to go make some organic pancakes for breakfast!
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