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8 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

How did you make the base? 

I made a pile of pieces of thin wood to get the basic shape.  Then I covered it with plaster to get the form I wanted.  Painted with craft paint.  Glued on some grèen bits for plants.  I tried to make a pond at the front using Woodland Scenics water effects. I glued sand first to make the beach.  I followed the directions for the water effects from their video.  However the PVA glue dam I put on to contain the water effects (as per their instructions) turned white when I put on the clear goo.  You can see the white strip in the pictures.  Other than that the water effects worked ok.

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13 hours ago, Geoff Davis said:



I did this one as a speed paint for a D&D game at the last minute



Ok, I officially hate you now. ::P:


Seriously, this is absolutely gorgeous and I am truly envious. This guy is on my short term to-do list right now, so I really appreciate you showing this off to help me with some ideas. As I said, absolutely gorgeous. 

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