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November release shipping in november


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Packaged and Ready - Shipping 11/18/2002

7027 Kikyu

7034 Borsig-Spline Ogre

7053 Fenri

(7058 Badger delayed until December)


Packaged and Ready - Shipping 12/2/2002 (Catch up Release from October)

7012 Regent

7035 Poltergeist

7061 Heavy Infantry Light Mortar

7062 Heavy Infantry Heavy Mortar


December Release Shipping in time for Christmas 2002

7058 Badger

7030 Weapon Pack 1

7031 Weapon Pack 2

7039 Mastodon

7043 Ghost

7044 Wight

7054 Duelist

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Yeah, it's 44 208 SANTA 02 :o)


Goodies, so many goodies.


Fenri, Mastodon, Deulist, Badger (and of course Ogre).


I feel a HUGE order coming on... time for that 12 Ogres, 8 Mastodons, 8 Rhinos and 6 Duelists on one go :o)


And the Ghost and Wight aren't too bad either :o)

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Alpha Company, Bad Blood. That's why Nadin :o)


Each company is 6 sections, and Alpha (or the Werewolves as they like to be known) are partial to super heavy designs in general and the Ogre in particular. This means each of the 6 sections will be 2 Ogres and another 2 designs which complement the Ogre nicely.


6 x 2 = 12. Therefore I need 12 Ogres.


The other stuff is to be spread around the other companies of Bad Blood.


And yeah, I'm feeling your pain Nadin, I really am. I'm debating where to add more air support as well..... like a whole company of Tsuisekis :o)


Frosch, you're more than welcome to oggle my minis, but you'll need a really big telescope to see them from where you are :o)

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