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89022: Alahazra, Iconic Oracle

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After painting a blue and a red female spellcaster I decided I needed a yellow one to finish out the primary colours. :lol: I'm trying to work on shading/blending and experimenting with various skin colours. I was trying to make her look indian. Any comments on how to improve her are appreciated. I won't be redoing her but will file it for use in the future.



And lastly the three ladies together. Now I'm thinking I need to do green, purple and orange to go with them.



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She is lovely.  I suggest finishing the base. The unpainted sand looks odd next to the painted plastic base.  Also the gold metallic could use a few dots of color to represent jewels.  It also looks very plain next to their bright robes. 


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She looks great, especially the yellow robes. I also like the "Charlie's Angels" style pic of all 3 spellcasters.


If I was being super critical, I would say that the pink areas need a slightly lighter highlight to accentuate the folds & edges more?

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Great looking eyes! I think you did quite well on her. I would recommend you highlight the hair a bit more, if I were to give advice. It's something I'm still working on too.

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