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Reviving dead ink


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After a long layover for the winter (and while I was doing lots of time consuming work) I pulled out my paints from storage. Lo and behold, some of my Reaper inks dried up into a thick gooey mass in the jars. The other inks are fine, and I can see no signs of leaks or splits or loose caps (far from it, actually - my blue ink was almost brand new, I put it away a week after I bought it).


So my question is - can I revive this thick sludge into working ink, or should I just replace the ink?

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Guest zbyshko

after reading around here about mediums and additive like a flow assister and slow-drying mix, i opened a bottle of GW snakebite leather with a gelatenous sludge on the bottom - ie the paint hadn't yet dried out but was close to it. on a whim i mixed in some flo-aid/slow-dri/h20.


i didn't use any measurements so i couldn't say to what propotions - my best guess would be a little more slo-dri than the recipes i've seen posted around, and perhaps more over-all additives & h2o to paint than normal. the end result was a usable paint, not perfect but usable


by not perfect, i mean there were some tiny chunks of what i would take to be fully dried paint, but nothing to small that i couldn't remove it with the brush i was mixing the concoction with. my suggestion would be to experiment with the same idea for your ink. if you thin your inks under normal use, i would aim for that consistency, perhaps even transfer the stuff to another jar?


in my store i just started stocking 2oz glass jars froma supplier i found who normally addresses the new age folks. i guess they have for custom mixes of essential oils, herbs or incense - i just like them as a wide-mouth jar with a secure screw-type lid. oddly enough they also had small bottles with eye-dropper caps as well. Azure Green (azuregreen.biz if i recall corretly) is the name of the place.


hope this helps with the ink-trouble. drop me a line with your results please.

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Maybe you can add a bit of water then filter the gooey bits out using a

coffee filter or something.

I think a coffee filter would take out some of the pigment paricles as well, and soak up a lot of the ink. A tea strainer would probably be better, especially a very fine one.


Reaper makes an ink extender. A bit pricey, since it's the same price/size as a bottle of ink. It has the advantage of being made to thin Reaper inks. Your LGS should carry it along with the other Reaper paints.


You can also get Plaid extender at Michael's. Well, my friend claims you can get acrylic extender at Michael's. I gave up and traded him a bottle of magic wash for mine. ::D:


It's a fairly large bottle (about 6 oz) of a clear liquid. That would work fairly well with ink. I'd be afraid of mixing magic wash with ink, as it would change the drying properties, where straight extender wouldn't.


Good luck.

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I mixed in some water and some Reaper ink extender, that seemed to do the trick.


We'll get a real test when I have to use a lot of it, but so far the little drops of ink I use to glaze highlights seem okay.

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