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14643 Black Orc Warbringer

Geoff Davis

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2 hours ago, VolksFest said:

Wow.. That skin tone is just perfect. I could very well use that for my upcoming "Orcish Horda". What colors did you use if I may ask?


Thanks, I'm glad you like the skin tone.  It's underpainted with a lot of different colours, but the main ones are 09010 Pine Green, Thraka Green wash, 09011 Leaf Green and 09033 Golden Blonde.  I used the Golden Blonde to lighten the Leaf Green a drop at a time, stopping at about a 50-50 mixture for the brightest green highlights on the skin.  I added 09061 Linen White to this mixture for the highlights on his face. 

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5 hours ago, paintybeard said:

Lovely, but rather clean for an orc? I mean, shiny armour? He'll be thrown out of the horde!


I had the same thought!  That's why I tried to give him a LCol rank (freehand on the medallion in the middle of his chest).  I figured that even though he's an orc, he's still an officer, so some goblin out there had to press and clean his rags and polish his armour every day.   Just a joke! No offense intended to any actual orc officers out there!

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