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Question about model parts

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Hi all,

I'm looking at doing some conversions of a few mounted characters, but with the boneyard gone it's hard to tell what component parts a model is made of. It would be nice to know if particular models came as a mount + rider as separate pieces, or if they are a single cast.

Can anyone help me out with these? Or, are you aware of any models where the mounted character is easily separate for conversions?

14628 Darkrime Drake

14505: Brood of Payanak

14375: Volendria (found the answer to that one, she's good)

Also is the bones Count Lorenth seamed? If I can yank the rider off that horse without cutting I'd be happy.

Thanks for anyone who can help.

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I can help with the Darkrime Drake.  The torso of the rider is a separate piece.  The rider’s legs are cast on the saddle on the Drake.  Shield is separate too.

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On 2/27/2018 at 11:00 PM, Erk said:

14505: Brood of Payanak


 This guy and his saddle are separate from the beast - he has a big flat spot where the saddle sits.


The figure itself looks like it's in at least two or more pieces, but I'm not sure how many - according to a pic of it still in package, it looks like the arms are separate from the body, and the body may be separate from the saddle.


 As for the Bones guy, going by the pics in the online store, he does appear to be separate from his horse. There may be a tab on his butt to plug him into the saddle, but that shouldn't be too hard to make go away.


 A lot of the metal Warlord figures are separate from their mounts, as are most of the older Dark Heaven mounted people.


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