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Angie paints some Bones - Slightly converted Squogs, Spikeshells and Kar Drakir!

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On 2/28/2018 at 1:35 PM, AngiesArmies said:

I think models that's 35mm+ is where the bones material really starts to shine.

I agree with you.


Fantastic painting on these fellows!! Any chance of seeing the lizard man army?

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    • By Adrift
      Here are a pair of Dragonborn I've painted up for my DND game. 
      77060: Dragonman Warrior is a cleric in my game for a good deity; used the Bones 3 weapons to do a weapon swap for a mace and then snipped off a pair of sharp corners from the removed sword to give the mace a pair of sharp prongs along the top. 
      77214: Kar Drakir is the arch nemesis of the cleric above; his mace has the soul of a trapped vampire lord contained within the wood used for the head of the weapon and literally drains the life from characters to then perform special abilities (mimicking a vampire lord's abilities). The mace is another weapon swap from the Bones 3 weapons. I also took the top off of one of the items in the sprue and attached it to the shield; I have yet to determine the abilities of his magical shield; any suggestions other than insta-death are welcome 
      The base for Kar Drakir is a Stones base from Frontline Games.

    • By Auberon
      And now for this week's minis, the spikeshell warriors. These guys were painted to tabletop using the same artists paints, but one was over white and the other was over black.  The shell patterns are also different, but I ended up liking one more than the other.

      Thanks for looking.
    • By Evilhalfling
      Spiney turtles for brown reference. 
      I dreamed of these guys last night, and realized how I wanted to do the colors
      brownline base, a mix of red, orange and brown for a midtone, and ochre as a highlight with half-steps between them, 
      they painted up quickly this morning - and then I realized I had some free time this afternoon, and painted up a third as a box turtle.  
      I blame this one on the getting to know you question. 
      today was a good day for painting. 

    • By Kev!
      One of two...

    • By Evilhalfling
      The first two flew by, mudcroak was more annoying to paint. 
      why does a frog have shells and starfish decorations.  can frogs even  live in the ocean?
      Wiki says -  Fejervarya cancrivora  come the closest.  they live in mangrove swamps and don't just die if put in seawater. 
      I guess I could have used them as a pattern. ah well. 
      Anyway this just about covers my Bones2 goal for the month. 

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