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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! Gamers of all ages!  

Going down? Going down?

Frog God Games is proud to present Rappan Athuk, THE DUNGEON OF GRAVES! The Granddaddy of all Megadungeons is back for Fifth Edition! 

Mock-up hardcover with actual cover design. Mock-up hardcover with actual cover design.

Characters will test their mettle against puzzles, tricks, and traps a-plenty; test their grit and steel against monsters and foes lurking around every corner; and at the end of it all awaits the Big Daddy himself, Orcus. These are truly adventures worth winning. 

“I once killed a man, just to watch him die” – a Man in Black 

“Hold my goblet” – Orcus



Interior mockup with actual pages from Rappan Athuk for Fifth Edition. Interior mockup with actual pages from Rappan Athuk for Fifth Edition.

Rappan Athuk is back for Fifth Edition. Not just back though, it is reloaded with all kinds of new extras including:

  • All new, full color artwork
  • Three new levels of the Dungeon itself  
  • Three new Wilderness locations, including a three-level castle
  •  A new three-level satellite dungeon
  •  A sea-cave of terrible shark-men! A Kickstarter exclusive level released from the Vault of Tsathogga! 
  • Updated color maps, available as separate PSD files for online play, are included for all levels
  • Scores of NPCs and Monsters, dozens of Magic Items and Spells, and the legendary Dung Monster await you! 
Art comparison between 2012 and new edition. Art comparison between 2012 and new edition.

Weighing in at over 500 pages, Rappan Athuk for Fifth Edition is an instant classic in the Mega-Dungeon genre, featuring 100+ keyed and color mapped areas with over 56 dungeon levels, several satellite dungeons (almost 20 additional levels!), the village of Zelkor's Ferry, 22 wilderness areas (ways to die before you ever reach the dungeon) and seemingly countless groups of bandits and monsters that prey on those fortunate enough to escape the halls and caves of Rappan Athuk with treasure in hand!

With decades of playtesting and use in campaigns across the globe, the Dungeon of Graves can be a foundation of any campaign or eviscerated into pieces and blended into any campaign!

Map comparison between the two editions. Map comparison between the two editions.



Once upon a time, there was an idea—an idea formulated by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson in 1974 and published in a little paperback book called Underworld Adventures. The idea was simple: it is a lot of fun to go into a dungeon and kill evil monsters. Why is the dungeon there? No one knows. Why do the monsters usually fight rather than talk? We aren’t really sure. Why are there 16 trolls in a cave with a jug of alchemy? No one cares. What do all the monsters eat? We don’t know that either (although “adventurer” probably tops the list). And we don’t have to know these things. This isn’t an ecology experiment, it’s a dungeon—the quintessential setting for pure swords and sorcery adventuring.  

This adventure pays homage to that original idea. True, there are opportunities for role playing, but most of this module is dedicated to “roll playing.” Hopefully, while exploring the halls of Rappan Athuk, you will recall the thrill of discovery, the terror in your heart when you fought your first skeleton, the joy of rolling your first natural 20, and the despair you felt when that 1 came up for your poison save. This module, Rappan Athuk—The Dungeon of Graves, is nothing more and nothing less than a good, old–fashioned, First Edition dungeon crawl updated for the 5th Edition Roleplaying Game. Very difficult, it should strike fear into the hearts of the most stalwart adventurers. It offers an abundance of traps, tricks, and monsters. We hope that you find this module as fun and exciting as those thousands of players who have ventured into (and not as often out of) the endless caverns and mazes of Rappan Athuk—The Dungeon of Graves. Rappan Athuk is a difficult dungeon. Even the upper dungeon levels should not be attempted by a party of less than six mid-level characters.

Only truly veteran players should attempt this dungeon with lower level characters. In light of this, we added the satellite dungeons, including Bill's very first work (from 1977), Tunnels of Terror! This 9-area dungeon was used as the introduction to his campaign and led his players to Rappan Athuk through play. 

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6 hours ago, Dan d'Lyon said:

Almost $100 for the book?  Plus shipping.  I think I can safely pass.

It's going to be a full-colour hardback over 500 pages long. So I'm not surprised the price is so high.


At this point I think I'll be getting the PDF as shipping from the US to Australia adds quite a lot to my price.

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Heh, Frog God charges way too much for their books...


And then makes them worth every penny....


Kicking myself for skipping The Blight Kickstarter.


The only reason I am not backing tis one is that I do not play 5th ed.


The Auld Grump

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For my self, I'm in it for the PF update book.  Although I am wondering how hard it'd be to convert 5ed to pathfinder form some of the stretch goal adventurers.  Also I'd like an Art book.  I don't normal go for Art books, I'd make an exception in this case. 


I asked, but their answer was "we'll see"

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17 hours ago, Olaf the Stout said:

It's going to be a full-colour hardback over 500 pages long. So I'm not surprised the price is so high.


At this point I think I'll be getting the PDF as shipping from the US to Australia adds quite a lot to my price.

I don't know....  The Dark Eye RPG is hardcover, full color, and over 400 pages.  $50 list.  Another 100 pages for $50 doesn't seem like a bargain.  But to each their own.  I'll just keep my money.

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Part of me would really like to play through this at one point (or try to get as far as possible). The other part of me knows that with my groups dungeon clearing speed we would probably all die of old age before we get to page 100.

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On 3/2/2018 at 9:48 AM, Dan d'Lyon said:

I don't know....  The Dark Eye RPG is hardcover, full color, and over 400 pages.  $50 list.  Another 100 pages for $50 doesn't seem like a bargain.  But to each their own.  I'll just keep my money.

There are a lot of variables - local print vs. foreign, and the method of binding makes an enormous difference in cost. Quality of paper is another big one.


Frog God uses a very high quality method for their binding - on a par with the old TSR D&D hard covers.


And, yes, depending on the bindery, that hundred extra pages can make another huge difference - not every bindery can handle a book over four hundred pages, and of those that can handle four hundred, not all of them can handle five hundred - and these are hard limits, if they cannot handle them then they cannot handle them. (Ask Mongoose about what happened when they tried to produce Spycraft 2.0 for Crafty Games - with was theoretically just within their limits.)


That said - its sounds very much like Dark Eye is a bargain!


Don't look at it as Rappan Athuk being pricey - Dark Eye has an amazingly good price - on par with the Pathfinder Core, which has massive print runs, which brings down the cost.


The Auld Grump - in for the extra levels.

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I'm too old school for these sort of books. Back when I was a wee little DM, I brought my books around in a backpack where they got all scuffed and damaged. None of these pristine coffee table books with fancy "color" art. And if I had the choice of an adventure book or PDF, I'd choose the PDF because I wouldn't have to lug around an entire year (or more) worth of gaming just for one lousy night. I could also take that PDF and write notes in it, or cut it apart as handouts. When we played RPG's, we'd never think of saying, "Oh! Lovely binding!"


And we liked it that way! :lol:

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