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On 3/1/2018 at 8:58 AM, Rob Dean said:

It’s the 1st, and time for more goals...


I want to:


finish my six Sleestaks

paint a couple of vintage Tolkien units

get some project planning on paper

play some games


And at mid-month, I’ve been making good progress on the Tolkien stuff, but I’ve only touched the Sleestaks to move them out of the way. ::P:


I got up to Cold Wars over the weekend, so games have been played, and the warband lists for the Tolkien project are taking shape. Looks like a good month so far. 


I’m about to paint some historical Dark

Ages guys. This wasn’t on my list for this month, but is a top five, so it isn’t totally out of left field. 

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On 3/1/2018 at 4:43 PM, SparrowMarie said:


  • Take photos and post a show off of my Minivember minis (I'm way behind on this)
  • Finish putting all my paints in the paint swatch journal
  • Find more paint storage
  • Paint some things (not sure what yet)


Mid-month update: have not done any of these. I have made progress on the paint swatches. I did start up two new projects which I assume I'll start/finish painting this month as long as the paints I need get here before the end of the month. I started on my Mini Ma'al and then started planning out Isabeau Laroche who I'm going to paint up to look like Captain Marvel. I have both WIP's in my signature if you want to take a look at those. 

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On 3/4/2018 at 3:17 PM, Doublesix66 said:

my goals for March are:


a) finish my UTF Cav force only 9 Cavs, 8 vehicles, 1 aircraft & 48 infantry to do (and update my thread)


b) continue to do my 15mm Neo-soviet force at least get 4 more vehicles done (and update my thread)


c) finish off the 4 10mm damaged buildings I'm working on (and update my thread)


possible other bits I might try & get in


d) finish some 15mm squid men cultist that I've undercoated ages ago


e) get  a few more bretonnians done this time some spearmen & Halberdiers, undercoated just need to start them


f) start my Warzone Dark Eden force off & maybe some more cybertronic these are the old Metal ones not the newer plastic ones.


Nearly Finished a) just need to varnish them & finish bases not done the infantry as I wanted to get a few more and do as a batch lot

b) done completed 4 vehicles & started 4 more

c) nearly done

d) nearly done as well

e) & f) not had time to do so will go forward to Aprils list of to do

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On 3/19/2018 at 8:35 AM, SparrowMarie said:


Mid-month update: have not done any of these. I have made progress on the paint swatches. I did start up two new projects which I assume I'll start/finish painting this month as long as the paints I need get here before the end of the month. I started on my Mini Ma'al and then started planning out Isabeau Laroche who I'm going to paint up to look like Captain Marvel. I have both WIP's in my signature if you want to take a look at those. 


Finished up the MSP core colors swatch journal. Currently working on setting up my journal for everything else I have. I got some minis linered, that counts as painting right? 


I need to order paint but that won't happen until this coming weekend. I spent half of my paint money on steam games. Oops.

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It’s been a little slow since the snow day, but it looks like I will at least add a little group of 1/72 NPCs to the portable fantasy collection by tomorrow:




I’m basing the pilgrim; others will be part of next month when I start to reorient toward working on 1/72 in anticipation of

taking them to this year’s conventions. 




A pair of townsfolk today...

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My goals this month were to work on my Minifigs Mythical Earth Warbands and paint some Sleestaks.  Unfortunately, the Sleestaks are being carried over to next month, but, as displayed in these threads, I did well on the MEs, with 38 figures finished, including a unit of elves, a unit of humans, and enough singles to complete partial units of goblins, orcs and wolves (for Dragon Rampant, with units of 12 foot or 6 beasts or mounted).   I also finished up 10 early Dark Ages historicals for my Dux Bellorum war bands, a single Star Frontiers adventurer for my vintage SF project, and 3 1/72 plastic figures for my Portable Fantasy Campaign, which I need to prioritize next month, for a total of 52 figures not considering scale.






I also said that I wanted to play some games (i.e. miniatures games), and I was in five, including a Dux Bellorum game that was the first outing for figures I’ve been working on now since 2013. ::P:


Some of my project planning is making it to paper, so that wasn’t too bad either.  It’s really been a pretty good month; hope April is at least half as good...

Edited by Rob Dean
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On 3/10/2018 at 1:59 PM, WhiteWulfe said:

From Feb...

  • Decide on a colour scheme for my Catachans, clean up at least ten of them, and then get started on their painting
  • Clean up a squad of 10 8 Tau Fire Warriors and finalize their initial painting
  • Finish that lost model from the Layer Up! LTPK
  • Create an inventory spreadsheet of my various miniatures so I can track what I have and all that
  • Paint (or hobby) every day!
  • Assemble the remainder of my pewter Skaven from the 25th anniversary boxed army
  • Organize bits boxes

For 2018...

  • Pick up some CAV miniatures
  • Pick up some Heavy Gear miniatures
  • Order... stuff from Secret Weapon (I'm really wanting the washes, weather acrylics, pigments, and some more bases!)

For March!

  • Start converting bases for my Catachans from basic GW ones to stamped ones.  Goal I'm shooting for is 6x 60mm, and 10x 25mm
  • Convert a unit of my Tau to stamped bases (Goal: 8)
  • Assemble the remainder of my Rat Ogres, and Rebase them onto circular bases
  • Convert at least one of my Skaven units over to 25mm circular bases (Goal: 20)
  • Finalize how I'll be setting up Wyrmgear's wings, pin them in place, and then greenstuff the various things (rebuild certain parts, seal gaps, etc)
  • Start painting at least one of the minis in my Furiously Fluffy Howling Hounds army
  • Assemble a good portion of the miniatures I've picked up for my FFHH army
  • Get base coats for my rainbow dragon done, including planning of secondary and highlight colour locations (Ebonwrath)
  • Obviously get my March 2018 order in with Reaper >.>;;;;

That seems like about it, at least for now.  Might add more later!


Not obvious at all that hubby and I spent a good amount of time out of the house exploring the city, alongside work being busier due to drivers leaving or being on vacation, orrrr that I took a break for a bit after having spilt my water cup and almost destroying my mouse aaand headphone amplifier.


Some are partially done, like the Catachan, Skaven and Tau bases have been made, I just haven't worked on bringing minis over to them.


Others didn't happen, like an order being put in this month at Reaper, but sometimes that happens.  I might be having to hold off until May, just so a few other things are sorted out anyways.

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On 3/5/2018 at 4:28 PM, Evilhalfling said:

Continuing Projects:
Lord of Crypt Bust:  (CMPA Bust a Move Challenge) 

Phoenix : Kingdom Death 

Bones Sophie Troll slayer 



Bones2 thief 

Bones2 falcon 

Knight of the Autumn Moon

Mystic Theurge  


2 survivors: KD

- rawhide  skull helm 

Assemble Dung Beetle Knight : KD  (shipping begins March 7) 


Got everything painted except the Phoenix (no progress) and the Bust (its not really done, but im done working on it) 

plus went a little nutty trying to finish more bones from the second KS. 


Bloodhoof Minotaur 

Pathfinder thief 


Desert Thing 


and a KD survivor in (black) lion armor . 


I am close enough to finish the set in April, if I wasn't trying to prioritize writing.

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    • By Darcstaar
      I only saw one thread about crackle paste when I searched these forums.
      So, I’m going to share how it’s going for me.
      I started with washed and dried 1” and 2” Reaper Bases.
      I put this garbage on a 2 inch base first.

      Don’t buy it.  I got it at Hobby Lobby at the time because they were out of Folk Art.
      To be clear, this is Crackle Medium.
      It is meant to be painted on a primed or rough surface I guess, and painted thin. I put it on kind of thick.  It didn’t crackle at all!
      So, I got a tub of this stuff on Amazon.

      The directions state “put over a thin layer of PVA glue.”  Pfft, who has time for that extra step?
      Here is the result on a washed but otherwise un prepped set of bases.

      1 inch

      2 inch.
      So, the surface needs something for crackle paste to work right.

      This is a 1” base with a thin layer of PVA glue.

      This is a 1” base with just hitting it with 220 grit sandpaper and washing it again.
      I also used the 2” base with dried crackle medium on it.  Not pictured.

      This is a 2” base covered in black brush on primer.

      Here is the result on the 2” base over dried crackle medium.  It was hard to get the stuff into a uniform layer, as the medium created a very hydrophobic surface, so the paste slides around too easy.
    • By Ekaterina
      Hi!! my name is Katerina and I'm new to painting miniatures, I begun 
      with a miniature from NonSenseminiatures, the Barbarian, I buyed the 
      54mm because it's bigger and maybe easier to paint.
      I asked some help to NonSense and he already made a base coat for me, I 
      would like to get some help for painting because I see too much 
      information and don't know were begin.
      I already make painting but totally different
      Also he gave for me a discount code Katerina10%, because he will sell my 
      paints also!!!

    • By Pingo
      It's time again for a year-end roundup of the figures I managed to finish last year. These are the figures I finished during the calendar year of 2018, which was, let me tell you, another ... interesting year.
    • By lexomatic
      I was absent from here for much of 2018 (starting mid-August 2017), but that doesn't mean I wasn't painting. I hope to post a bunch of pics over the next week detailing all the minis I painted before August 2018. March featured a ton of stuff for convention GMing and I also painted a bunch for Tomb of Annihilation. And just whatever I felt like.
      I'm going through stuff elsewhere to see what's been done and soon I'll be posting the list of minis (and also linking to other show-off threads).
      Tablescapes Terrain WIP
      Terraincrate Terrain/dressing WIP 1- Wizard's Study general WIP
      Wizkids pre-primed minis and more minis terrain & dressing
      Bad Squiddo Freya's Wrath 
      Folklore the Affliction minis
      GW mini WIP
      Reaper Bones minis
      77434 Yeti Chieftain
      77460 Dwarf Butcher
      77624 Altar to Dagon 77343 Goroloth 77166 Balto Burrowell 77142 Bones Blacksmith WIP Show-off
      The missing minis are yet to come... I need to find where they were stashed out of the way.
      Total count 20 (actually, __)
    • By Glitterwolf
      So here is all I painted in 2018 ( finished minis only).
      All get one pic and a link to the original Show Off thread, Just click on the name!
      Check it out if you missed something you like.
      I was kinda productive this year, hoping to do more in 2019.








      Grenadier Dragonman Sorcerer










      ONI OGRE













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