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Purgatory, the next Testament By Underestimated Games Kickstarter (Live)

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Purgatory is a game and world created by Underestimated Games, which in 2016 successfully launched Purgatory on the Kickstarter platform, funding at the first attempt. You can read about the first Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1306503490/purgatory

The Age of Purgatory is a period in the human calendar where Angels, Knightmares and Devils have ravaged our world in the aftermath of the War for Heaven. Angels, responsible for the development and harmony of the worlds under their charge have renounced their oaths, casting off the shackles of subversion of careless Gods to forge their own path in the wake of the betrayer in chief, Satan.

As Satan's followers flocked to his banner and turned upon their kin, blades were drawn and siblings slain and only by the combined efforts of Penemue coordinating the loyalist resistance alongside the arrival of the Archangel Michael, lord of the third Heavemy Host, did they banish and cast the renegades out of the seventh Heaven.

With Fallen Angels landing on Earth, war erupted and humans were enslaved by the millions or enlisted to serve despicable new masters. But as evil ascends, good rises to meet it and pockets of humans, galvanised by Angels still loyal to their lords formed in small groups to resist the threat posed by the predators in their midst.

Now, with the Soul Train and Murder Inc. in play from the first Kickstarter, it is the turn of the Refugees of Religion and possibly the Gangbangers to join, what many are calling the War of Ending.



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more examples of their minis can be seen in Murder Inc one of those funded in the first KS


and more can be seen on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/pg/purgatoryminiatures/photos/?ref=page_internal

I pledged in the last KS and they were a pleasure to deal with, excellent communication, on time for a lot of pledges (a couple of minis were delayed so those of us getting them were a couple of months late which is KS terms is nothing), and they've carried on being active with the game subsequenty

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Dear Backer. 

Welcome to Part 2 of the Purgatory adventure, we are sitting at around the 40% mark, so we are on track to make our goal over the next 29 days. Refugees for everyone!

We've been listening to some feedback from you and others and have made a couple of changes. 

Firstly we have included an Add-On header and within that included this little beauty: 

Purgatory Plinth - add for £17.50 Purgatory Plinth - add for £17.50

 This hunk-a-resin is compatible with the WAMP range of interchangeable plinths and acts as a nice option to paint up your favourite character from Purgatory, and it's not the only one either, a Wingfellows specific plinth will be coming shortly, resplendent with LED lights. How cool is that?

We have also added the Tomes for both the Soul Train and Murder Inc. These will be £15 each and will include:

  • Unique background for each Angel, how Moloch became the mechanical monster he is today and why, and what exactly Satan is up to, through the machinations of the tricky soul weaver Erishkigal. There will be clues as to where the former lord of Heaven is and what he is plotting! 
  • Background for each character, where they fit within the faction and why they are aligned to their host. This will include unreleased characters along with their stat cards and key information to allow you to proxy unreleased characters to expand your games of Purgatory. This includes characters such as Ghetto Beats, Parisi, Jim Sachs, Piper, Triplets, Tracii, Head Chef, Drunken Monk, Bridezilla and Heng-Lo
  • New and existing artwork as well as painted examples of some of the models for you to try out
  • 3 unique scenarios to play and work your way through as you experience the world of Purgatory 
  • Faction specific GOTG card
Work has begun on each of these, with the Refugees of Religion being much more advanced. 
In addition to the above, we are going to make all of the existing range of models available to you at a discounted rate, along with the dice, templates and even the limited edition GOTG cards for you to enjoy. 
We are also exploring the possibility of getting one of the sculpts started during the project so you can see the progress in real time, we will keep you posted on this.
We hope that the addition of the above will excite you as much as us and we will bring you further news in the coming days as the project and the work behind the scenes continues. 
Until next time....
Team Purgatory

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